Slots are beyond any doubt cheerful and animated, a game much favored by many players in the early days of their gambling experience. But Slots is at the same time much adored and appreciated by professional players who constantly seek to improve their skills in order to expect more winnings than beginners do. dares rising the question of utility and fun for two main categories of Slots: 3 reel and 5 reel slots.
The game is particularly known for its wheels, also called reels, mechanical devices displaying symbols and sometimes blank spaces. The above mentioned categories are the most commonly featured by land-based as well as online casinos. Their symbols are usually inspired from the slot machine theme, for example, fruits (cherries, oranges, bananas), animals, single bars, double bars and triple bars, various characters or objects related to the machine profile. The concept of winning is pretty simple: when three identical symbols line up on the payline (a line across the center of the screen) the player is granted a certain prize, designated by the symbol.
The number of paylines varies as well as the number of reels. Some slots feature one, others three or even more. But the more paylines the more coins you have to play per spin to activate all the paylines. Advanced 5 reel slot machines can have up to 9 paylines and require wagering at least nine coins to activate all of them.
To experienced players reveals the differences between classic 3 reel slot machines and modern video 5 reel slot machines. This is a common classification to distinguish the simpler machine invented many years ago and the new-generation evolved machine based on the latest computer technology, largely used by Internet casinos. The conclusion is obvious: 5 reel slot machines are much better, more entertaining and offer better chances of winning! 3 reel machines are still preserved for the old times sake and are yet widely featured by many land-based and online casinos, but they offer little variety.
The biggest advantage of 5 reels slots is the great number of possible combinations and subsequently more permutations, symbols on the reels and larger payouts. They are happily designed to suit any playing temperament. The only problem is the relatively reduced chances occurring for certain combinations of symbols that bring million dollar payouts. However, there are 5 reel slot machines created to give smaller but more frequent payouts. They are very popular with players worldwide, especially if also featuring an interactive bonus round. Most online casinos listed by online casino portal include 3 reel as well as 5 reel slots.
Evolved slot machines are endowed with better graphics, audio & video features and a totally different sensorial experience as compared to classic ones. The symbols are animated and diversified. Their concept is no longer based on a mere “select an object” action but implies variety, dynamics and complex entertainment.
5 reel slots are more fun and fascinating when played in online casinos. Their land-based equivalents lack vivacity and certain energy which is better captured by gamblers in the virtual world.
We foster our visitors to try out 3 reel slots and move on to 5 reel slots whenever they feel at ease to discover a more complete gaming experience. Spin the wheel of fortune and savor a delightful online casino game that could make you rich in just a few seconds!