Ever since slot machines have been invented a century ago there have been different versions of the game. But online Slots exceeded all expectations. The game became so diversified and challenging that one could hardly resist playing, at least for a half an hour.
Onlinecasinoportal.net suggests a variety of the most exciting online Slots websites to play at. But first, let’s see what is commonly referred to as the “3 reel Slots”.
In terms of variation, you will easily notice that some Slots work with three reels and others with five. You might be wondering what the difference is between them beside the number of reels. 3 reel Slots are the basic version of this game: apart from the fact that they contain only 3 reels, only one pay line and a very simple design. The spinning reels might supposedly remind you of older Slots played in Vegas. But online the virtual spinning reels are powered by computer technology that determines the results of spins in a totally impartial and random way.
3 reel Slots, also called Classic Slots, maintain their popularity in spite of the existence of many other Slot versions, as much interesting. Some people just prefer to stick to the classical machine. Onlinecasinoportal.net singled out a major advantage of choosing to play traditional 3 reel Slots: although the jackpots are a bit lower, they are more frequent than in case of other variations, due to the simplicity of the game and increased chances to hit combinations that result in payouts. To be more specific, once you bet, for example, the maximum amount on a 3-Reel Slot machine, it can offer you up to 5 possible payout lines; that is 3 horizontal and 2 diagonal lines. The machine can provide you with no more than 21 pay lines, which is obliging, because the more pay lines you play, the more increased are your chances of winning the game.
This small detail explains the reputation of 3 reel Slots as being a very generous game and the great number of its fans. Hitting the jackpot can make you jump of joy and turn your gambling experience into a lucky adventure.
There’s nothing compared to the pleasure of pulling the arm of the machine and being overwhelmed by excitement when waiting for the outcomes. Of course, technically speaking, the Internet gamblers do not actually pull anything but virtually feel the same pleasure.
Onlinecasinoportal.net suggests a rich variety of 3-reel slots with entertaining graphics, amazing sound and some other excellent features. In most cases, you are not even required to download or install the software. Some casinos also offer free games for beginners, to allow practice before playing for real money.
The fact that 3-reel Slots are generally considered less sophisticated than other Slot games makes them so appealing to gamblers. There are many varieties of 3-reel Slots which are fundamentally based on the same principle but differ in graphics, winning combinations, number of pay lines and features, like the bonus round feature. Once you get the rules of the game the rest is simple: choose the design you enjoy the most and the extra bonus features that you consider worth it.
No particular skills are required to play 3-reel Slots; anyone can instantly involve in the game. Onlinecasinoportal.net wishes you good luck!