There has always been great competition between three and five reel Slots and many players are still debating the subject to decide which one is better. Some would say five reel Slots offer more chances of winning, enriched features and more variety. deems it’s just a matter of taste and adaptability. Some gamblers may find it’s more interesting to play on 5 reels and are willing to accept a greater challenge, because as you know, winning is less frequent with 5 reels but the amount of jackpots is more than tempting.
The 5-reel slot machine contains 5 rotating reels that randomly select symbols to display and hopefully match each other, to create winning combinations. Having 5 reels to match appears to be of course a bigger challenge than only 3, which makes the game more interesting. Useless to mention, that it is usually accompanied by a great number of bonuses and enhanced chances to win the jackpot.
The basic concept of 5 reel Slots applies to all the machines created for such purpose, to which adds specific design, theme and features. Depending on their features, they can easily be classified as progressive, multi-payline and bonus slot machines.
Most casinos listed by include versions of 5-reel Slots and seems like the game continues to grow in popularity, being featured by a great number of Internet casinos worldwide.
In absence of actual spinning wheels the action takes place on the screen. Attractive design makes the whole gaming adventure more exciting. The computerized random number generator behind the game gets to decide the outcomes, and there can be a huge number of various combinations and symbols, even the rarest ones. Hitting the jackpot at 5 reel Slots can turn into a unique and very pleasant experience!
The number of pay lines may vary from one machine to another. Some machines feature up to 20 pay lines and players are encouraged to wager up to 10 coins per pay line. This leads to a maximum bet of 200 coins. Before engaging into the game make sure you understand how many coins you are allowed to wager per spin or whether the coins are converted into credits or not, in order to be able to keep track of your budget and manage it according to the evolution of the game.
The astonishing variety of 5 reel Slots available on Internet can make the choice of the best game very confusing. recommends not hesitating to try several, according to taste or mood. Wild symbols, scatter symbols and special bonuses are commonly featured by modern 5 reel Slots, as well as intricate and very artistic graphics. The gambler’s imagination is spoiled with all kind of magic tricks to enhance excitement and create a complete gaming experience.
5 reel Slots are by far one of the most exciting games to play, especially since they require no previous knowledge, offer the chance to practice for free and can be instantly accessed online (non-compulsory download). Conveniently featured by many online casinos, Slots are becoming more and more popular as their variety continues to expand to the delight of millions of gamblers worldwide. Is this not an invitation to have the greatest fun and get lucky?