The Auto Play feature has been recently implemented by several online gaming software providers, namely Microgaming, Rivalgaming, Playtech, Cryptologic, Realtime Gaming. The question many players ask is: what is the utility of such an option at an online casino? regards Auto Play as a very useful tool and decided to dedicate an article to this subject so that our visitors who wish to become experts in online casino gambling, could find out more information and learn how to explore it.
Perhaps you are not quite aware, but playing games online involves some repetitive actions that tend to become habits or even reflexes, such as: wagering, waiting for outcomes at the end of each spin or roll of the dice, shuffling cards, clicking on Repeat the bet or Spin buttons, etc. The availability of the Auto Play feature makes online gambling easier and offers the possibility of focusing on several activities at the same time: watching TV or consulting online newspapers. All the Casino portals will tell you to be all eyes on the game while playing. But now since the Auto Play high-speed feature has been invented, your absolute attention is no longer required. Could you have imagined the machine making money automatically for you several years ago?
There is a slight difference between the Auto Play versions. The Microgaming feature seems conveniently customizable and displays more sophisticated settings (for example number of spins, intervals between spins, stops determined by various reasons such as spins complete, jackpot won, etc.). For an optimized strategy, online casino portal recommends combining Auto Play with the Expert Mode feature, also at your disposal. The combination can be applied for blackjack, video poker, roulette and slots. The Microgaming Auto Play’s main advantage is advanced customization. It is not merely mechanical and chaotic auto playing. Players are allowed to select from a range of options the optimal strategy to rely on while being away from the computer but still trusting the machine to act in their favor.
The Playtech Auto Play has fewer customizable features but ensures programming the machine to stop when the payout exceeds a certain limit set by the player.
The Cryptologic Auto Play version is quite elementary and available only for Slots. It allows the player to pre-set the number of spins.
The Realtime Gaming Auto Play covers the essential features and allows establishing some conditions for playing as well as stopping. When being away from the computer, limitation of losses tremendously depends on setting the right conditions.
Auto Play is surely a suitable feature to all casino gamblers who understand the necessity to explore all the useful opportunities offered by online casinos. You can earn money while being or not in front of the computer! All you have to do is select an online casino that includes this feature for the game you are interested in. The computer will play the number of games according to your settings. You can compare the Auto Play payouts with your active game results to check the benefit of this strategy.
Save your money and time by trying the Auto Play option! Although many players assert that it takes away the real pleasure of the game, pleads for using this safe and useful feature only when needed!