is the most trustful online resource dedicated to providing you with the most complete and high quality information about the best online casino games. In this section, it’s time to reveal the pleasures of Online Baccarat, which at a first glance seems to be a casino game like any other, fun and quite easy to play, but still sophisticated and challenging in its own way. In real casinos the baccarat tables are placed in separate rooms or hidden by velvet ropes to create the image of a fascinating, elegant game. The players are thus eventually lured to discover the mystery of Baccarat, which they never regret afterwards.
Online Baccarat appeals by its simplicity and elegance on one hand, low house edge and good odds on the other hand. It is generally considered, and can confirm that, a highly profitable casino game, among all others. It is the favorite game of high rollers. Hidden behind the curtain, Baccarat leaves them with the impression of being exclusivist and reserved only for the crème de la crème.
According to the official rules, the purpose of the game is to bet either on the house or the player/players using cards to collect a total of points the closest to 9. The value of cards is the following: aces equal 1 point, cards 2 – 9 are added according to their face value, 10’s count as 0. But be careful, you might be surprised to find out that, for instance, a 9 and a 7 make up 6 not 16, a 3 and an 8 make up 1 not 11. Any combination of cards does not exceed 9. Accumulating a total of exactly 9 points with the first two cards means getting a perfect hand; accumulating 8 is also good, which is the closest to 9.
Before playing, advises you to study the kind of Baccarat that usually features two ends for players and a middle area for the croupier. Up to 14 players can participate in the game, each having a layout wager section on his side of the table and three betting areas corresponding to his position at the table, namely “Banker”, “Player” or “Tie”. Online Baccarat tables display a minimum bet of $1, while the maximum amount is generally $250.
Speaking of payouts, they are really easy to understand. Basically, what you need to know is that the bets made on a winning player’s hand are rewarded by 1 to 1; the same payout applies to winning house hands. As to betting on a tie, it offers a payoff of 8 to 1.
The best way to get acquainted with the online Baccarat rules is to practice the game for free, for as long as you want, by downloading the software package from one of the many online casinos recommended by Some websites also include tutorials about the game, which might help you become more confident about your skills.
The rules of Baccarat are indeed quite simple to learn and it takes only a few minutes to understand how the basic game works.
Although mini baccarat follows almost the same rules, odds and number of decks as the big table baccarat, the dealer turns over all the cards to make the game faster. Mini baccarat cards can often be dealt from a six-deck shoe, a procedure that slightly affects the odds.
The main reason why baccarat grew so much in popularity is the lowest house edges of any casino games, 1.24% for players and 1.06% for the dealer, the tie position being the most advantageous. wishes to bring you more than just information about Online Baccarat but a real insight into its rules, background and style. This elegant and mysterious game is likely to become your favorite very soon.