Video poker is a very popular and attractive online casino game featured by most casinos listed at If you have never tried video poker before, you are probably wondering why it is worth playing. Well, it is definitely one long-term profitable game, on condition to use a good strategy and follow the rules.
Deuces Wild and Double Bonus are often recommended to beginners because they are considered very profitable. But in fact, they aren’t the best option to start your video poker experience with, because they don’t reflect a strategy to repeat in other game variations. suggests a much better option – Jacks or Better, a wonderful choice for beginners mainly because it does not require special knowledge or specific strategies. So, if you want to learn the basics of Video Poker, this variation is the perfect way. Once you have assimilated this game, dare to move forward to playing full pay games and make real money.
The objective of the game is to get the best-paying hand. The game begins with a five card hand being dealt by the machine. The players are required to select cards to keep and cards to throw away by using the button underneath each card. The thrown away cards will be replaced with new ones. Then you have to check the new hand for winning combinations, which are immediately rewarded.
As you might have noticed, in order to win a hand at Jacks or Better Video Poker, the minimum requirement is a Pair of Jacks. A great number of online casinos feature this game, but be careful how you choose it. First of all, pay attention to the full house and flush payouts for a single coin bet. The option in terms of pay out would be 9/6 machines where players receive pay outs of 9 coins for a full house and 6 coins for a flush. Also, take into consideration the royal flush pay out and go for non-progressive games that offer at least 4,000 coins for a royal flush 5 coins bets. recommends always playing the maximum number of coins in order to increase the chances of getting the top prize. Don’t waste time on making cheap bets; it will lead you to nothing. Also, never hold a high card along with a pair, it can be dangerous.
The Jacks or Better Video Poker 9/6 machines feature a Full House that returns 9 coins per each one invested, and a Flush payout of 6. There are some other variations of the game that pay out 6/5 or 10/7, which is generally worse than 9/6.
Video poker beginners should be patient enough to take the whole action step by step in order to become experienced players. The best way to succeed is to take the learning seriously and practice one video poker variation that relies on good strategy, applicable to other variations as well.
Don’t forget that Video Poker offers very attractive payouts, besides high quality entertainment and a truly amazing online gambling experience.
Whether you choose to play Jacks or Better or another game, employ the Video Poker strategy tips offered by and find out about all the Video Poker variations.
We wish you an enjoyable Video Poker adventure!