Blackjack boasts a tradition of ages. You must be wondering why people are so attracted to this game and never get bored of it. The French card game of 21 that developed in the 18th century is both entertaining and brainstorming. Unlike Slots, Keno, Craps or Roulette, Blackjack is kept alive by a successful combination of chance and skill. A large number of visitors show interest in learning special moves and strategies to improve their know-how of the game. On this subject an exclusive article was needed.
As you probably know, the main purpose of Blackjack is getting a higher hand value than the dealer without exceeding the value 21. This is neither a simple game nor a purely relying on chance activity. It is designed for players who enjoy the challenge of practicing their minds in the attempt to beat the house and exhibit their skills. The players are allowed to opt for some special moves throughout the game that would stimulate their potential of winning. The possibility of applying such moves makes a hand complete and dictates the resolution of the game. The Blackjack special moves are explained below by the specialists.
Doubling Down or simple Doubling – enables increasing your bet by 100 % and getting one extra card to raise chances. In order to announce your doubling, place the chips of the additional bet next to the existing bet. The decision of doubling the wager depends on many factors, like having a soft or a hard hand, the existing hand value, the dealer’s face up card, etc. Don’t forget that a soft hand means having an ace with the value of 11, whereas a hard hand means having an ace with the value of 1 or no ace at all. Here’s our advice: double when taking a soft 13 or 14 and the dealer’s face up card is 5 or 6; double when taking a soft 15 or 16 and the dealer’s face up card is 4, 5, or 6; double when taking a soft 17 and the dealer’s face up card is 3, 4, 5 or 6; double when taking a soft 18 and the dealer’s face up is 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6. In case of hard hands with 11, double always.
Splitting – is recommended when having been dealt the first two cards with the same rank. Splitting in fact refers to doubling the wager (placing another identical bet) and dividing the two cards into two separate hands. The decision of splitting depends on the existing hand value as well as the dealer’s face up card. We are referring to different possible combinations; for example, don’t hesitate to split when having a pair of 2 or 3 and the dealer’s face up card is 4, 5, 6 or 7. The same, when dealt a pair of 6 and the dealer’s face up card is 3, 4, 5, 6 or dealt a pair of 7 and the dealer’s face up card is 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
Surrendering – after getting his first cards the player is permitted to surrender half his bet amount by giving up on your hand. Unfortunately not all the online casinos feature this possibility.
Insurance – in case the dealer’s open card is an ace, the player may place an additional wager called insurance to expect that the dealer will be dealt a blackjack. If so, the player gets a 2:1 payout.
Hitting – refers to the option of taking an extra card to complete your hand.
Standing – means not taking any other cards from the deck and being contented with the actual hand value. has presented you the most powerful and potentially helpful moves commonly used in the Blackjack online casino game. They are part of the basic strategy and ensure a very good result when properly used.