Online casinos use some weapons to make you come back and play again. There are plenty of attractions; the most appealing of them are bonuses or promotions.  And you don’t have to be a high roller to benefit from them.
Although appealing, not all the existing bonuses can be so easily touched or cashed out. There are certain rules that apply to bonuses; they are known under the term “wagering requirements” and can be found on every casino website, along with Terms & Conditions. In this article is going to explain the “wagering requirements” phenomenon and its importance.
You will perhaps notice that the bonus money acquired during certain games cannot be immediately used.  It is commonly the case of Craps, Roulette and Blackjack.  The same rule applies to the welcome bonus. Players are required to wager their initial deposit plus the bonus amount a certain number of times (between 8 and 37) before they are allowed to withdraw the cash from their accounts. This measure is meant to prevent abuses from gamblers who are just looking for sign-up bonuses. Let’s say the wagering requirement is 10x your bonus and the bonus amount is $50, then you are expected to play $500 before getting hold of the bonus. Only after you have played $500 on any game, no matter if you have won or lost, the $50 bonus is really yours and you will find it in your account.
This is one example of a wagering requirement. The idea is to meet the conditions demanded by the online casino before you can actually withdraw the bonus amount.
A large number of beginners are simply wondering why bother taking bonuses that depend on some limitations. But even though they seem very rough, meeting the conditions is not difficult at all because you are usually playing with twice the bonus amount and you will be getting closer to your target without even realizing it. Theoretically you risk nothing and ensures that you can play as many games as you like without worrying about the impossibility to cash the money right away. Don’t let this small inconvenience ruin your desire to play at online casinos because the wagering requirements relate uniquely to online bonuses.
As long as you have a reasonable player’s mentality and understand that bonuses are meant to motivate you, there will always be a harmonious relationship between you and the casino. But if your purpose is running away with free money and flying from one casino to another, you will never prosper as a player. In time it becomes more obvious that loyalty and stability are highly rewarded by online casinos and experienced gamblers benefit from a lot more advantages.
Some players are smart enough to be able to manage bonuses in such a way that they actually spend no money of their own. The first step is to meet the wagering requirements and learn how to increase your bankroll. recommends staying away from very generous bonuses. Imagine the wagering requirement for such a large bonus; you might not like it. Simply avoid doubtful promotions by consulting our list of safe and reputable operators. They will always spoil you with agreeable bonuses and suitable wagering requirements.