Tournaments is a special form of online gambling very popular with players who enjoy the competition spirit and wish to share their passion and experience with other players. Most of the online gaming software companies (Micro Gaming, Playtech) developed this option to offer great satisfaction and advantages. Happily for our visitors, there is a special section on the left side of the website bar dedicated to online casino tournament providers. Here you can find an amazing diversity of exciting tournaments to choose from.
Poker tournaments acquired great popularity over the past years mostly due to their promotion on television. The participants get the same number of chips and confront each other until they are gradually eliminated by losing all the chips. The player who succeeds to gather all the chips is declared winner while the others are paid according to how long they remain in the game.
Another type of tournament suggested by is Slots, especially favored by dynamic players who appreciate speed and action. When the competition begins the contestants receive an equal amount of credits to start playing. They are encouraged to earn as many credits as possible to compete for the jackpot or the periodical wins.
Blackjack tournaments is another popular casino championship involving several gamblers who play each a limited number of hands against the dealer. Their prime motivation is to pile most chips at the end of the round and become winner. Blackjack tournament is all about strategy, patience, optimal bets and good luck. The players are offered equal chances but the right bet at the right moment can change the course of the game.
The offer of most online casinos listed by includes weekend tournaments, daily tournaments and special tournaments (on promotions).
In technical terms, there are two main types of tournaments. The first type appoints the winner depending on how many chips the players are able to win during the game. Considering the fact that all the participants start with the same amount and they try to increase their score during a certain period of time, the results are announced at the end of the round to decide upon the highest score and the winners subsequently get a share of the prize. So, the basic principle of this type of tournament is uniformity and equal chances. The participation is conditioned by an entrance fee, which can sometimes be free; such competitions are called “freerolls”.
The second type of tournament appoints the winner according to the amount of wagers placed by players during the game. In order to be in the game you must have your own funds and make bets to get to a higher amount. The players who wager substantial amounts are always rewarded by prizes. Some of them might also get a share of the prize pool, granted only to top players. This type of competition is organized daily as part of some kind of promotions and preferred by high rollers who are usually eager to invest a lot of money in their chances of winning. visitors have the opportunity to analyze both offers and decide which type of tournament would bring them more fun or excitement, based on their budget, preference and skills.
The main difference between online casino tournaments and online casino games is playing against other players instead of playing against the house, which can be more motivating and interesting.