Choosing the right online casino promotion is a real challenge, taking into account myriad temptations and incredible deals offered by every casino website. They are usually meant to attract new visitors and reward loyal players. is ready to assist you in the difficult task of selecting the best promotions and keeping you informed about the latest ones.
The spectrum of promotions invented by online casinos is large enough to confuse any player regardless of his experience. They include everything from free-to-enter prize draws to additional bonuses. But let’s divide all existing promotions into two main categories and focus on each of them.
The first category refers to those promotions that offer the opportunity to win considerable prizes and bonuses based on the fulfillment of some criteria or requirements established by the house. Do not expect such type of promotions to be overwhelmingly big, since everyone who fulfills the conditions can benefit from them. Prizes are smaller but at least you can be sure to get them. Larger prizes rely on stipulations which are harder to carry out except for high rollers. A regular promotion organized by any of the online casinos listed by comprises the following structure: the participants are expected to wager a certain amount of money in order to be eligible to receive a bonus. Wagers of hundreds of dollars result in bonuses of tens of dollars and so on.
The second category of promotions includes exciting and luring opportunities to win big but the chances of winning are much decreased, not to mention that fewer players are lucky enough to seize the amazing prizes. Knowing that only a reduced number of participants will finally win the prize makes the amount grow as well as the excitement.
Large prizes are disputed and the real online gambling spirit takes over the hearts of many players in the hope to succeed.
Online tournaments are another kind of promotion commonly practiced by casinos. The chances of winning are in fact quite realistic as compared to other competitions, especially because they also feature entry free tournaments, commonly called freerolls. Having no cost to participate in the game is very seductive for many players chasing after a prize pool share. The rest of the tournaments include an entry fee and this is the only risk the participants are actually taking when joining the competition: to lose that amount. This type of promotion is favored by many gamblers due to: group spirit, dynamic action, shared enthusiasm and a combination of skills and luck.
The second category of promotions also includes wagering contests. Winners are appointed by the wagering amount for a specific game. You can easily guess that these contests are designed mostly for high rollers; they are always willing to make large bets.
Besides, promotions under the form of lucky draws contain such surprises as casino credits or exotic vacations. Still high rollers have the biggest chances of getting hold of these tickets.
To spare you from the confusion of looking for the best promotion, selects and publishes various offers and bonuses provided by the best casino websites. Please check their availability (they expire after a certain period) and choose the promotion that suits your budget and expectations!