Craps game brings you chills and thrills and fills you with excitement, every time you play it. Being mostly a game of chance wit a tremendous tradition, Craps ranges among the most popular and successful games featured by online casinos.
The Online Craps file is complete at; here you can find out all you need to know about how to play and how to win. Some say that Craps might be simple and complicated at the same time, depending on your perception and understanding of how it works. The decisions you take during the game and the bets you choose to place determine your gains.
The purpose of Craps (traditional and virtual), listed as a casino table game, is to predict the result of a roll of the dice. The general rules state that several players can join the table and appoint one of them as being the Shooter, to be in charge with tossing the dice. Players have to bet on the numbers before rolling the dice.
Before the first roll of the dice, commonly referred to as the “Come Out Roll”, performed by the Shooter, players are supposed to place bets (Pass Line Bets). The Come Out Roll determines the first winners and losers, according to the outcome. 7 and 11 design the winners and 2, 3 and 12 design the losers. The remaining numbers (4, 5, 6, 9, and 10) stay in the game and become the target, also called the “Point”. The Shooter continues rolling the dice up to the moment when the outcome is 7 or a number agreed as the Point. Then, timing is important, because all the Pass Line Bets might win (the Point is rolled before 7) or might lose (7 is rolled before the Point). But until one the above mentioned numbers is rolled, not much actually happens in the game. offers a short introduction to the most commonly used types of bets in Craps and their payoffs.
The way Pass Line Bets work out has been presented above; they allow gamblers to benefit from a payoff of 1 to 1.
Don’t Pass Line Bets, as their name suggests, are exactly the opposite of the previous. They win when the Come Out Roll is 2 or 3 and lose when the Come Out Roll is 7 or 11. The bet is a “Push” in case of 12 and the player retrieves his money. Any other number becomes a Point and the rest of the rules apply here as well. Don’t Pass Line Bets’ payoff is 1 to 1.
Come Bets are in fact Pass Line Bets taking place again in the same round. Such bets are placed only after knowing which number is the Point. If the Come Point is rolled before 7 the bet becomes a winner and it becomes a loser if the order is reverse. The payoff is 1 to 1. Both Pass Line Bets and Come Bets cannot be removed after they have been placed.
Don’t Come Bets are pretty much similar with the Don’t Pass Line Bets and display the same payout (1:1). They are placed after the first Come Out Roll. Both Don’t Come and Don’t Pass Line bets allow alterations and removals after their placement. admits that Online Craps is a fun game to play very often accompanied by screaming and jumping. Nowadays, there is no need to look for a noisy Craps table at the nearest casino in your town. The game is available online and offers the same amount of enjoyment. You can play the game any time you wish from the comfort of your room, at midnight or in the morning, according to your wish and schedule.
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