Fresh online casino player? You have come to the right place! is the best guide for beginners to help them get the first glimpse of the Internet gambling particularities. If you have never played in your life there are many things you should know before embarking on the journey of discovering online casino games.
Casino software is available in two versions: download and non-download. We would like to explain the main differences between them in order to make your choice easier.
Many specialists assert without hesitating that the download versions of casino software are always much superior as compared to non-download, flash versions, in many respects. In fact, according to statistics, the majority of gamblers who play frequently prefer to download and install the casino software mainly due getting access to some additional features, enhanced graphics and overall a much more reliable gaming platform. Let’s see some of the main advantages offered by the download version:
– Improved graphics and impeccable sound
– Increased number of features and options
– High quality animations attached to some games involving spinning the reels
– More reliable software platform ensuring stability and lacking interruptions
– More colorful, user-friendly and spontaneous interface
– The installation process takes only a few minutes, depending on the connection speed
– Online casinos provide frequent updates for download versions to improve your experience.
All these amazing features and tools are possible via the latest technology developed by the world leaders in gambling software. Since so many gamblers have already experienced the benefits of downloading online casino software, why shouldn’t you trust their opinion and ours?
As to the disadvantages of using this version, the list includes: requirements of some space on your hard disk (250 MB and more) and the obligation to play from the same computer all the time.
All the online casinos listed by feature both software versions.
Now, speaking of no download version online casinos, they usually rely on Flash technology and can be accessed from any Internet browser. Players are required to install the Flash plug-in in order to be able to view all the options and features. This version is at hand and visually pleasing. Here are some of its main advantages:
– Games can be played from any computer since there is no need to download locally any software
– Games are accessible from any web browser (the most commonly used are Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox)
The possibility of playing at your favorite online casino from anywhere in the world by maintaining your personal settings and having access to your account information is absolutely amazing and probably the biggest utility offered by no download software.
However, this version also reveals some disadvantages, namely: good quality gaming depending on Internet connection speed and less colorful & animated, sometimes even boring graphics.