Undoubtedly the favorite casino game of many gamblers, the Online Roulette is incredibly easy to play and requires no special skills or strategies. Always attractive and having a low house edge, the Roulette offers many advantages and options, especially because two major versions of the game are accessible: the American and European. Online Casino Portal will shortly explain both of them in terms of odds, rules and other differences.
The American variant exists for a really long time being subject to many changes ever since it was invented. The American Roulette is nowadays a wheel game displaying 36 slots with numbers colored in red and black, as well as two extra slots for 0 and 00. An old version of the game contained only 28 slots, subsequently the house advantage was extremely high. Very few players were actually able to make profits at that time. Happily for players, the odds established later on are much more suitable and the Roulette game has become more popular than ever.
The payout of the American Roulette is calculated using the following formula: (36 – n) / n, where “n” is the number of winning slots. In case of odd/even or red/black bets, the payout is usually 1 to 1, but for example square bets bring a payout of 8:1. The house edge is always protected by the presence of zero slots, no matter the type of bet. The American Roulette house edge is 5.26%. Players can lose more than expected or win more than expected; it is mostly a matter of fortune in case of Roulette. The chase after bonuses is justified; they decrease the house advantage and bring more chances to save money.
About 80% of online gamblers prefer the European version of Roulette. Join Onlinecasinoportal.net to understand the reasons behind this choice. First of all, the game itself is of European origins (the American version appeared long after). The denomination of both was invented to distinguish the original game (French) from its subsequent version.
The authentic Roulette was first played in the 17th century in France. But the modern version of the Roulette wheel with 36 slots and only one zero was completed in a German casino in the 19th century. The chances of winning are obviously a lot higher than in the case of the American Roulette because the single zero marks a lower house edge and brings more advantages to players.
Onlinecasinoportal.net recommends players to opt for the European Roulette, which is from many perspectives a superior game. Only one zero slot points to a house edge of 2.70%. It is also important to know that the European Roulette provides the option of en prison rule, which is not included by the American Roulette. This rule offers gamblers the opportunity to give up on one half of their wagers or preserve it for the next game in case zero comes up. Another slight difference between the two versions consists in the chips; those used in the American Roulette have different colors while those used in the European Roulette have the same color.
In any other respects, the American and the European Roulette are quite similar. The payouts are identical as well as the types of wagers.
The online casinos listed by Onlinecasinoportal.net feature both versions, so you can play either of them, depending on your taste and mood.