We live in the epoch of online shopping and entertainment. To feel safe in this world and pursue our desire we need secure online payment methods as we never did before. As your trusted online casino portal, Onlinecasinoportal.net cares for your comfort and safety and has already dedicated a large part of its material on choosing the right payment method like  Flexible payment options or How to deposit at an online casino and continues to offer you advice on how to manage and secure your funds.
eWallets aren’t a new concept and have been used for some time by gamblers from all over the world. But the fact that they started to take over the credit cards and other classic payment methods is something new. A question arises: why do so many users turn to eWallets instead of using other existing options? Onlinecasinoportal.net will try to answer this question based on the latest assumptions.
The term “ewallet” basically refers to an online bank account offering the possibility to store money and use it to pay online for different services. There are currently a large number of successful ewallets, such as PayPal, Moneybookers, Neteller, Click2Pay, EWalletXpress, etc. They are constantly improved and added new features to satisfy the growing demands of the market.
Most online casinos have already integrated eWallets as deposit/withdrawal methods. The biggest advantage offered by this alternate payment method is undoubtedly security. Unlike credit cards or wire transfer, eWallets do not require revealing too much personal information to third parties, be it an online casino or an online shop.
Another reason why people prefer using eWallets is convenience. Acting as a virtual bank, the eWallet allows storing funds using any credit/debit card that you currently own. The transfer takes places within seconds and you don’t have to worry about the speed of the operation. Some eWallets have also designed ATM cards for their customers to be used for online shopping.
eWallets seems to be the easiest way at online casinos. All the other methods have flaws: you can make deposits using a credit card but you cannot withdraw to it; cashing out checks can last up to several weeks and even wire transfer is not fast enough to satisfy your impatience. Why wait when you can process the transaction instantly at no costs? eWallets are indeed very cost-effective and quick. Providing no banking details to the online casino, the gambler feels safe to focus on playing rather than worrying about his account security. When subscribing to an online casino he is only required to specify a username and password in order to enable the first deposit. We are so much exposed to risks and dangers in the Internet world that eWallets come up as a perfect solution to make everything simple. Onlinecasinoportal.net understands that privacy is very important to most players. That is why we strongly recommend using eWallets for any kind of online transactions. Just to give you an idea, around 13,000 people are subscribing to MoneyBookers every day.
All the online casinos listed at our portal motivate their customers to use eWallets for security and convenience reasons. They sometimes offer bonuses to encourage the use of a certain eWallet that they have established a good relationship with.
With so many banking options online gambling payments have become a pleasure!