Have you ever asked yourself the question: are the casinos fair? Well, you are neither the first nor the last one to have such doubts; it’s normal, in a completely bewildering era of technological advancement and Internet domination.
In order to clarify the matter, Onlinecasinoportal.net decided to dedicate this article to fair gaming, a principle often discussed in gambling communities.
Generally speaking, yes, the online casinos are fair to their users, for two main reasons:
– Internet gambling is mostly a profitable business based on customer loyalty
– they are monthly submitted to technical tests and verifications to maintain their license. Of course there are operators that do not miss the opportunity to cheat on their players, acting totally unprofessional: for example, always turning the house edge in their favor, modifying the odds or refusing to pay out the wins or the bonuses. You should definitely stay away from such websites. At Onlinecasinoportal.net you can check out a list of trustworthy and reliable casinos to play safely at.
According to the definition, fair gaming refers to the engagement taken by all the participants to remain fair and honest during the game/competition as they are expected. It also means that all odds and payoffs fall under the laws of probability and not outside intervention. Fair gaming means being offered a real chance to win, although it is not guaranteed. Thanks to this principle the whole gambling universe is still functioning after so many centuries of existence. Online casinos are aware of the fact that only visitors who trust the gaming environment will turn into long-term users.
In order to be allowed to launch their activity and generate revenues the operators need to get a license. More than 50 countries currently offer Internet gaming licenses, also called licensing jurisdictions. Possessing a license in one or several jurisdictions adds legitimacy and credibility to the newly started business.  Before getting the license operators are investigated according to the ongoing regulation of the licensee.
Once the license is obtained the casino is able to deal with reliable financial institutions. The casino licensing body will then provide a list of requirements and documentation to complete. You can then check the eligibility of the online casino on its website.
To ensure impartial outcomes all online casinos are supposed to use Random Number Generators, often abbreviated RNG, systems for generating a totally random series of numbers. At this point, you have every right to ask the question: how to make sure the results are truly random? Onlinecasinoportal.net has the answer: yes, they are random, as long as you choose to play at a reputable casino. Generally speaking, all Internet casinos operating with software from major world producers are highly recommendable as offering absolutely random results (Microgaming, Playtech, etc.). Random means unpredictable, lacking any pattern.  Using an RNG makes it impossible to predict the generated numbers. The system is based on either a mathematical formula/algorithm or a computer program capable of generating as long as millions of absolutely random numbers, but inevitably at certain periods the sequence might be repeated.
Monthly tested by leading international accounting and auditing firms, the fairness and randomness of RNGs are thus guaranteed 100%.
Most of the casinos registered at Onlinecasinoportal.net are being tested by the Technical Systems Testing (TST), an internationally recognized accredited testing facility, one of the best in the field. The impartial testing relies on complex procedures and sophisticated equipment, according to the highest standards of technical compliance. Operators are usually proud to display their monthly certification granted for successful tests on their website. The presence of the certification testifies for the fair gaming and the transparency of the RNG.
Another method to ensure fair gaming is to keep track of your own results and financial transactions while playing at a certain online casino. Modern gambling applications allow users to consult their complete gaming transaction history and gaming logs. This is in fact an advantageous feature offered by virtual gambling and impossible at land-based casinos.
Another important authority setting standards of trustworthiness, reliability and safety for the online gaming industry is eCOGRA (e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance). The majority of reputable online casinos are also eCOGRA certified to prove their accuracy.
As a fair online casino guide, Onlinecasinoportal.net pleads for secure & transparent gaming and demonstrates the applicability of this principle in the modern online gambling environment.