Online casinos offer a wide variety of payment options nowadays. Players may choose according to some general or personal criteria, but always taking into account each option’s advantages, possibilities and weaknesses. A new tendency shown by financial services suppliers over the past years is collaborating among them and combining various options to provide complete solutions to satisfy the gamblers’ primary necessities. Speaking of experimented gamblers, who play often and cash a lot of money, they need special attention to ensure their secure banking and eliminate any problems that might appear during such frequent operations. encourages advanced players to use NETeller as the fastest and safest payment option.
NETeller is the major and the most popular electronic wallet implemented by the online gambling industry thanks to its numerous benefits. It is also one of the first electronic wallets ever to appear on the market. You could hardly find an online casino that does not intermediate payments through NETeller. All the operators listed by online casino portal not only accept this payment option but often prefer it to many others. It is time to reveal some essential features that make it so irreplaceable.
NETeller understands casino player’s needs and has come up with amazing features to enable loading the account in many various ways. For example, not long ago, NETeller initiated an agreement with Ukash (the leading provider of prepaid vouchers) allowing UK and other European gamblers to load their electronic wallets using Ukash vouchers. Of course, conventional loading options remain at the player’s disposal: local bank deposits and international bank transfers. These are preponderantly used by players who wish to save some money (since there are no charges for sums deposited from bank accounts), and take fewer risks. The biggest inconvenience for conventional options is the delay of the transfer, which can last several days.
Extraordinary news is the possibility to load the NETeller account using credit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard or even Maestro debit cards. The speed of transferring funds is amazing but there is a 1.75 % fee for any transfer. Once the NETeller account is loaded players can make deposits at any casino website recommended by They also allow withdrawals to NETeller.
Besides, the e-wallet account can be loaded through instant bank options, which are specific to each country and practice different fees. So, if you want to use a local popular option in your native language, you can do so. Any funds will be immediately transferred into your NETeller account.
A convention between MasterCard and NETeller made available a unique payment solution, the Net+ Virtual Prepaid MasterCard, offering the opportunity to generate a unique 16 digit MasterCard number for every transfer, which increases the level of security.
Creating a NETeller account is fast and free. Don’t worry about the security of your data; it is a 100% safe environment for your personal and financial information. The service provider’s first concern is to ensure the best security by implementing the latest encryption technology.
Many online casinos stimulate players to open a NETeller account and get access to a complete portfolio of high quality services. Advanced players must be careful about their funds and choose the best method to deposit/withdraw money.