The flourishing development of the online casino gambling industry brought along some issues like fraud, dishonesty or misconduct. Surrounded by such an avalanche of possible options, gamblers need some serious advice to make the best choice and avoid unpleasant experiences. reveals rule number 1 for online casino seekers: choose only licensed casinos to play at!
Players are obviously concerned for their own safety and many times suspicious, based on rumors and even facts about doubtful operators who deceived other players before them. Licensed online casinos function according to legal regulations imposed by governments and online gambling licensing organizations.
In order to obtain the certification, online operators are supposed to go through a sophisticated process of investigation and verification to prove their legitimacy as a legal enterprise like any other. The licensing is granted by one or several jurisdictions. The license testifies on high quality services and compliance with the common standards of online casino gambling. This recognition guarantees the lack of any illegal or doubtful operations because once established, the licensed operator’s business remains under permanent quality control, including conduct, honesty and fairness. acts as a trustful gate to separate truthful online casinos from their opposite. On our website you will only find reference to reputable, licensed and fully monitored online casinos.
However, a great number of unlicensed casinos are currently activating on Internet but their biggest risk is gradually losing the users’ trust since they offer no guarantee for reliability, security and lawfulness in the long-term. Most players would prefer to perform safe operations and this is almost impossible with unlicensed websites, because a license is compulsory for concluding agreements with the bank to receive payments from credit cards. Another aspect to consider is the operator’s residence, since online gambling is prohibited in some countries.
There are several non-profit organizations founded to protect fair and responsible gaming in the online gambling industry, such as eCOGRA, GamCare and IGC. Their purpose is to audit gambling operators every month by examining the fairness of their software platforms. Most of the online casinos are proud to display on their websites these certifications as well as their license.
It is comforting to know that all the websites recommended by fulfill all the above mentioned conditions, submit to legal regulations and take measures to ensure their players’ data protection. Many of them are currently using military grade encryption technology such as SSL and offer trusted payment processing methods.
Online casino gambling involves zero risk when you are wise enough to select a reputable operator. Our list contains only online casinos who agree to spend a certain amount of money every month on software security and data protection for the sake of ensuring a safe gambling environment.
Don’t ignore the importance of being informed about all the quality standards to be met by an online gambling website before playing for money to eliminate any suspicion and engage into a totally safe and legal activity. Online gambling licensing has a great effect on the online casino good reputation, positive image and users’ confidence. It is recognition of high quality services and conformity with legal standards.