So you took the courage to follow your heart and signed up to an online casino to initiate your gambling experience. The next step would be to determine the game you like the best. But how can you know that before even playing?
With so many reliable providers and developers, the pickings are not slip at all. In fact, the number of games presented by is quite overwhelming. Each of them seems to be unique and attractive. But before engaging into sophisticated gaming, we recommend to start your experience with playing easy games, such as Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Video Poker or Craps. Only after getting into the action you will be able to realize what kind of games are made for you.
Let’s begin with Slots, a simple game that requires neither skill nor particular knowledge. Slots means pure luck, since there is nothing you can do to influence the outcome of the spinning reels. The player must insert the money into the slot machine, press the button and waits for the result. The aim is to predict the arrangement of the symbols on the payout line and get the winning combination. The payout chances are much greater than in the case of other games. Make sure you know that different symbols have different value and suggests taking a shot at progressive slots, their jackpot will certainly bring more winnings in a shorter time. Although simple, Slots is fascinating and challenging. Don’t be afraid to spin the reels and take the risk of actually winning!
Roulette also offers good odds, being much favored by inexperienced players. Once discovered the Roulette game will forever conquer your heart and mind. Mush associated with the concept of the wheel of fortune, the Roulette game is indeed much based on hazard and suspense. The wheel spins around 38 red/black slotted numbers in case the American Roulette or 37 numbers in case of the European Roulette, of which green zero (plus double zero on the American). Once bets are placed the wheel starts spinning and rolling the ball around its edge to slow down at a certain moment and to fall on one of the slots, designating payouts. They usually depend on the type of bet and results are randomly established by computer software, so you don’t have to worry about their fairness.
Craps is also very popular with beginners, boasting the best house edge of all the online casino games suggested by The outcome of bets is decided by the roll of two dice. The players can wager against other players or the house. In order to place bets, you will be asked to consult a table containing betting lines, symbols and numbers for possible combinations.
Or else, you can also try Blackjack, the most famous and exciting card game. The rules are quite simple: every player has to select two cards and play against the dealer aiming to obtain a hand that is closer to 21 but not exceed 21. You are allowed to choose some extra cards to continue the game. As a newbie, you will love Blackjack action and more than attractive house edge! Or perhaps you ought to take your chance on a sequence of Video Poker! Combining conventional Slots and Poker, the game is based on advanced technology and relies on much automation.
Whatever your choice, you will surely take pleasure in gradually discovering all games and treat them with the same enthusiasm and zest for entertainment.