Introducing Blackjack is no longer necessary as you are all probably familiar with the basics of the popular online casino game. aims to go deeper into the subject by presenting the concept of Hard and Soft Hands.
In order to become an experimented player, the knowledge of Blackjack hands is absolutely essential.You may have come across the terms on various occasions and asked yourself questions about their utility. Mastering hard & soft hands can help you shape a proper online Blackjack strategy, and as you are well aware, playing this game without strategy seems to be futile. By using these hands you will be able to have a powerful impact on the dealer’s moves, when it comes to hitting or standing.
Soft Blackjack Hand – is a hand with an ace, which is worth 11 and the rest of the cards total a value less than 11. Just remember the value attached to an ace in a soft hand, because sometimes its value may become 1. For example, a soft hand of 17 includes an ace of 11 and 6 being the value of the other card. This type of hand is very convenient in terms of card options. Whenever necessary do not hesitate to add a third card and still you will be protected against going bust. Even if the total amount of your cards overcomes 21 the soft hand allows you to consider the ace as 1 instead of 11, so you would not lose the game. It is always a safe measure to rely on a soft hand in online Blackjack. encourages you to stay confident when holding a soft hand in any situation.
Hard Blackjack Hand – is a hand that does not include an ace, implying more variety, as for instance, a “hard 17” could be made of a 10 and a seven. However, a hard hand can exceptionally include an ace only if the rest of the cards value eleven or more. For example, in such a case, a hard 17 would contain an ace, an 8 and another 8. So, the biggest difference between a soft and hard hand is that the latter does not necessarily contain an ace. Also, in hard hands the value of the ace is always inflexible, meaning 1 and never 11. The flexibility of the soft hand makes it far more preferable.
Online Blackjack hands may seem easy to some players and complicated to others depending on experience and adaptability. If you need advice, don’t hesitate to consult our other articles dedicated to Blackjack tips & strategy where you can find a lot of useful information.
Be careful when getting a soft hand of a pair of aces. You should always split them for two reasons: 1) you can get for each split ace an additional card which will not exceed 21, thus getting you out of being busted and 2) a high count deck offers good chances of getting a 10 value to go with the aces and create more than one Blackjack.
On this topic, has just one additional advice for you: don’t be afraid to get soft hands simply because no player can ever bust after one hit. No matter what card you are going to get from the deck, a soft hand’s value never exceeds 11 points, so no additional card can do you any damage up to the point of losing the hand. Unfortunately things are more complicated when the soft hand becomes a hard hand. In such cases the player is forced to look for an astute strategy to complete the game on his own.
Soft & hard hands in Blackjack play a major role in defining a strategy and very often have the power to change the course of the game by influencing the dealer’s hitting or standing. Players are allowed to hit as much as they want with soft hands, but only until they turn into hard hands. In fact, experts have identified a third kind of hand called „stiff hand”, which is a hard hand that totals 12 to 16. It is quite tricky, being too low to beat the dealer but too high after drawing additional cards. Whenever possible, surrender such hands to avoid making mistakes that can get you out of the game.