It is not so easy to define a high stake casino game and “high stakes” in general, as for some people a certain amount might seem insignificant and for others quite exorbitant. But to get you an idea of the term, we at prefer to stick to a moderate opinion by saying that a high stake game allows a maximum bet of over $500 dollars.
High stake games can easily be found in most online casinos and are usually preferred by the “whales”, meaning High Rollers. An individual who wagers thousands of dollars in any given gambling session will be considered a high roller, especially when he does that on several occasions or on a frequent basis. High rollers can find pleasure in playing High Stakes Online Blackjack, (including various versions like multi-hand blackjack), High Stakes Poker (including Video Poker), Max Bet High Limit/No Limit Slots Games (including slots tournaments), High Stakes Roulette, Craps, Baccarat and many more.
A great number of High Rollers enjoy playing High Stakes Blackjack online by getting the best benefits out of their blackjack skills.  Moreover, high limit blackjack games can hide the best bonuses and benefits highly appreciated by the players. suggests playing regularly high stakes Blackjack at the same online casino to become eligible as a loyalty club program member and get access to special services and huge bonuses. As to the game itself, there are basically two ways to play high stake Blackjack: one is to wager big money at Blackjack tables, and the other is to play in progressive Blackjack games. Some online casinos also include the option of playing multiple hands to increase the chances of winning.
The High Limit Roulette is thoroughly savored by many gamblers, taking into account the fact that the Roulette has the biggest house edge out of the top 4 high limit casino games (European Roulette – 2.7% house edge, American Roulette – 5.12% house edge). The exciting table action and the exceptionally big payouts make the most of the online Roulette pleasure, especially among High Rollers.
Only a few years ago high stakes poker games could only be found at some of the premier casinos in Vegas. Nowadays the Poker addicts looking for some high action have access to their favorite game online, at the best High Stake Poker rooms, listed by Some of them even give away sponsorships for their top players; others offer a handful of exclusive promotions and bonuses for VIP members, including some of the most exciting High Limit Poker tournaments online.
Needless to say that the best house edge offered by the High Stake Craps game attracts many gamblers. Most casinos allow placing multiple high bets on the table at the same time thus enhancing the possibility of winning large amounts of money. Usually there is no definite limit established, the amount of the bet can go up to a maximum of $1,000. A little bit more complex than other High Limit online casino games, Craps appeals to more experienced players looking for some solid action and thrilling adventure.
High stakes games and high rolling as a phenomenon in general, have lately become a real international trend or lifestyle. The risk is enormous but definitely worth it and compensated accordingly. Please follow’s advice and wager only as much as you can afford and don’t forget that gambling is supposed to be fun, so make the most of it, regardless of the limits or stakes you are playing at.