Live dealer casinos are blooming nowadays and many gamblers turn away from traditional gambling to discover a new technological world, hard to imagine just a few years ago. Why go to a regular casino when you have so many other exciting options? invites you to get deeper into the meaning of this phenomenon and learn more about how live dealer casinos really work.
Everything basically happens as in a land-based casino: live dealers are drawing the cards, rolling the dice or spinning the wheel, the action being broadcasted online via webcam. Instead, the participants of the game are sitting comfortably at home in front of their PCs or notebooks and make decisions as if being in the middle of the casino action. What gamblers mostly appreciate about live dealer casinos is the atmosphere, which is more than energetic and thrilling.
You might be wondering how it is possible to virtually simulate such a life-like experience.
There are many elements that contribute to this sensation, like visual and audio effects. The fact that you literally see the dealer drawing the cards, hear the sound of cards being shuffled, the dice being rolled as well as other images and noises makes it all better than playing against just a machine on a regular online casino. You can actually interact with the dealer during the game and ask questions via live chat; a marvelous option recently invented to satisfy players’ needs. Nevertheless, considers that action in real time is what makes it all so fascinating, thanks to live dealer technology. In most casinos, there is absolutely no delay of action, but the streaming quality surely depends on the users’ broadband speed. What you see on the screen actually coincides with what is happening in reality at that very moment. To take a closer look at the cards or the ball coming to rest, players are given the option to zoom the image on the screen as much as they need.
At live dealer casinos you don’t have to wait for other players to make their bets, because all bets are made simultaneously. There’s an interactive control panel on your screen where you are expected to place bets using a virtual table. Comprehensive instructions are provided on the same panel for each action. The same interface also enables live chat with the dealer during the game. Besides, you have access to the history of your account, statistics of bets and updated balance situation.
Most online casinos advestised at and offering live dealer games do not require downloading the software. Playing is possible directly on the casino website via an ordinary browser. It is the player’s decision to download the software or not.
The number of operators having implemented this new type of technology is continuously growing, though it involves a large investment. Not every online casino affords taking this step to offer live streaming video connection to reputable casino rooms.
This is how essentially live dealer casinos work. Almost all the incentives of brick and mortar casinos have been taken over to create a new age, state-of-the-art technology, satisfyingly rich in features and options to tempt any online gambler. Tradition has mingled with novelty to give birth to a totally flabbergasting gambling experience, where there are no bet limitations, no annoying neighbors, no strangers to envy you from behind, no time pressure, no fancy dressing up, and so many more advantages!
If you have the chance or the courage to approach live dealer casinos, online Casino Portal warmly recommends the experience without hesitating. You will definitely enjoy and appreciate the potential for huge profits, the safe and fair environment as well as the atmosphere of true competition. Feel free to taste the wild adventure of playing live!