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Hailing from CryptoLogic Operations Ltd., in Malta, InterCasino is a trusted, professional online casino that was established back in 1996, making it truly one of the internet’s very first casinos. Such longevity marks it out as being something unique in the industry and as a result, its reputation is indeed very high. This is based partly on the high regard shown towards delivering a quality customer service.

This experience serves it well, as InterCasino really delivers on all fronts when it comes to the user’s experience. The essence of InterCasino is its variety of games and the high standard of those games. You will see all the most well-known casino games, such as Roulette, BlackJack and Poker alongside a myriad of others. InterCasino realises that it’s users represent a very broad spectrum and so to feel the full experience of a casino, they integrate games that are both contemporary and also others of a more traditional ilk.

The games are of the highest order and the spectacular range of slots in particular is a stand out of the site. At InterCasino, there truly is a game for almost everyone. The ethos is for everyone to be able to participate and enjoy the casino and InterCasino clearly tries its utmost to maintain these standards with their game selection.

The slots in particular are most popular at InterCasino, not least because of the exceptionally high pay-outs on offer. Indeed, one of the highest pay-outs in online casino history was netted through InterCasino – a colossal $5.9 million won by a single user. This further demonstrates the keen reputation InterCasino has for allowing its users the very best opportunities to win big; you will struggle to find many bigger pots online.

InterCasino maintains a positive and welcoming philosophy to its users and especially those who have just joined. As a result, it will offer a bonus to those which matches the initial deposit. This can total up to £500, which is a remarkable sum, when you think that it is simply a free bonus for anyone to play with.

At InterCasino, the emphasis is on fun and good times, which is why many of the games available are completely free to play and get used to. There is no requirement to spend money. All the favourite types of casino game on offer can be utilised with fun money and played for as long as you desire. For this reason, the user can feel the minimum amount of pressure and all the while, have fun participating in the online casino experience.

In conclusion, InterCasino is an exceptional online casino experience, its long history only backing this up further. With great graphics and an easy interface, InterCasino appeals to all age ranges. There are often plenty of promotions and cash bonuses to be won, so it’s a good idea to keep regularly checking for these extra prizes. In terms of a quality online casino, then InterCasino ticks all the boxes and should be first choice for many.