The resemblance between the game of Keno and the lottery is amazing. The land-based casino version has been invented and propagated at the end of the 19th century. Keno success story relies on simple rules and exciting gambling spirit. recommends online Keno to gamblers who enjoy hazardous games dominated by the effect of surprise. In fact, from a financial perspective, Keno means wagering small money to expect huge returns, though the chances of winning the big pot are not so great.
According to the rules, quite unambiguous and following the lottery principle, players are supposed to pick from two to fifteen numbers from a guess range of eighty numbers. Each selected number is referred to as a spot.  They are allowed to choose as many spots as they wish, under the limit, since the amount of the wager does not change. Instead, the odds might change depending on more or less picks. One wager means one ticket, regardless of the amount of selections.  Once the numbers are selected, a container of eighty balls is agitated by a software device and twenty numbers are randomly drawn from the container. Depending on how many drawn numbers coincide with the player’s spots, he will be paid, accordingly, as predetermined by the casino’s payout table. The online casinos listed by offer quite the same payout tables for the Keno game, though sometimes there could be some slight differences. That’s why we advise players to pay attention to details and get acquainted with the payouts in advance.
Very low stakes are allowed in online Keno, as opposed to the simple casino Keno game. The ticket price starts from $0.25, with payout expectations of up to $10,000 or even more.
The board of 80 numbers is fixed at all online casinos. The players will have to look for a betting stake selector on the screen to modify the wager stake (increasing or decreasing the amount).  After setting the stake, they will proceed to selecting their favorite numbers on the board. The process is very simple, only based on a few clicks. The payout odds are usually displayed immediately after the selection of numbers has been made. The payout scale will look different every time you choose another amount of selections. The more numbers selected, the larger will the payout scale become. It depends on the number of matches after each draw. For example, you will be paid more when having selected 5 numbers and get 3 matches than when having selected 10 numbers and you also get 3 matches.
There’s a Play button to be activated after the selection of numbers. 20 results will be soon after displayed on the screen. Once the payouts are distributed the player has the possibility to play again betting on the same spots or changing them, by clearing the board.
Online Keno means betting on standard, straight tickets. Make sure you master the rules of the game; they might differ from one casino to another.
Playing online Keno is relaxing and stimulating. Many people prefer this game when they feel the desire to cheer up and forget their troubles. You can play it at home or wherever you go; all you need is an Internet connection and an enthusiastic state of mind. wishes you a pleasant online Keno experience!