offers professional advice to all gamblers keen on improving their Keno game strategy. Strategy is a successful combination of skills, logic and some other ingredients. Please note that superstitions or allegations are not strategy, whatever rumors you might hear about winning the game. The best thing to do is follow our advice; it is based on serious and reliable information.
Most people play Keno on favorite numbers (birthdays, age) and though they really believe in their chance, luck is not always on their side. But at least they have fun. Playing birthday numbers will not increase your keno payouts; the same with numbers that have previously won. The online Keno game is pretty much subject to the laws of odds and fortune. There exist however certain methods that are likely to strengthen your strategy. suggests playing numbers that never came up in the previous rounds. At a certain moment they have to come up in the game and bring satisfaction. The randomness of numbers can be very surprising sometimes and blow any expectations or laws of probability. That’s why you can do exactly the opposite: wager on numbers that have already come up.
You can also try another possibility: picking successive numbers based on the assumption that many drawn numbers in Keno as well as in lottery are often successive, although there is no logical explanation for this phenomenon. Of course, none of these methods can guarantee success and alternating them is absolutely necessary to maintain the entertainment. You can even try to repeat the same pairs of numbers for several rounds and see where it gets.
No player can ever predict what numbers will be drawn so all these tips are quite fragile. Keno is a game of pure luck and the players efforts are not always compensated for. We are speaking of a strategy but in fact there isn’t one, unlike other casino games like Blackjack or Poker.
Anther option to consider is using betting systems. But applying to Keno betting systems that usually work very well with other games can be quite risky. It’s either hard to adapt them or they simply don’t work the way you expect.
Planning your budget for every session in advance may be a better idea and strongly recommends a serious attitude towards your bankroll. The objective is to play more and lose less, that’s why establishing a certain amount for every round is required for a more entertaining experience.
In fact, it’s not so important how many numbers you bet on or combine as long as you choose less numbers to ensure small but frequent winnings. In case you are interested in higher gains, choose more numbers but don’t expect to win very often.
Many casino websites contain tables of probabilities for the online Keno game to show all the possibilities of hitting numbers and make your choice easier. Don’t hesitate to consult them and create your own chart of moves to build up a strategy.
We admit, it’s almost impossible to describe the odds of this game from a logical or mathematical perspective. Keno is clearly not the first choice for a gambler in terms of house edge or payouts but it’s fun, charming and offers the opportunity of hitting great jackpots. Take your chance on Keno!