Most online gamblers either heard or already had the chance to play live dealer casino games. As a faithful Internet guide, encourages them not to hesitate trying the new invention, especially those who are still skeptic about the fairness of the random number generators presently used by online casinos. Here follows some interesting information about the history of video streamed games and their advantages over ordinary online casino games.
Many specialists in online gambling deem that live deal casino games appeared mainly as an intention to kill the doubts about the fairness of RNG-s, but also as a next step in the natural evolution of the Internet casino technology. At first regarded as a curiosity, live dealer casino games are currently winning over many gamblers as the streaming devices continue to improve every year. has identified the following advantages of playing at a live dealer casino:
1. A live dealer casino will always be more attractive to gamblers because there is a real person who deals the cards and leads the game. Players thus have the impression of being at a brick and mortar Las Vegas casino, however sitting conveniently in front of their computer at home.
2. Live dealer casinos are favored above traditional Internet casinos because they are considered as being much safer. Again, this is due to the fact that everything seems so real and life-like, the players being separated from the casino only by a computer screen. Many players who are afraid of being cheated on now have the opportunity to witness the game and the dealing of cards with their own eyes, without questioning the outcomes transparency.
3. Playing alone at home can become rather boring, that’s why live dealer casinos offer the chance to socialize and actually become part of a real casino atmosphere. Gamblers are generally very sociable people and like to share their experience.
4. Playing against someone human can be much more fun than playing against a computer. At live dealer casinos gamblers see exactly what is going on during the game and can interfere whenever they suspect anything wrong. A fair gaming environment is thus created to increase the player’s confidence and enjoyment.
Several of the casinos listed by offer live video streams for their visitors. You can only follow the game before joining, by choosing one of the tables at your disposal. The most popular live dealer games are table games, such as Blackjack. Each Blackjack table features cameras that zoom into the cards and the player gets to see how the cards are being shuffled and dealt, which is fantastic. But a high speed internet connection is absolutely compulsory in order to be able to play live.
Ever since the live dealer games have been invented the battle over skepticism about the online casinos’ fairness has been almost won. More and more people are getting over their fears to try a new and totally amazing experience: playing online as if being in a real casino. Live dealer casinos have already proven their efficiency over the past few years and continue to attract thousands of gamblers looking for a reliable amusement.