According to its definition, a bonus is something given or paid in addition to what is usual or expected. In our context, bonuses are granted by online casinos to stimulate gamblers interest in the game and encourage them to play more. Although interest in the online games has never really waned, in fact, it constantly increased; casinos continue to expand their sheer diversity of bonuses offering them to the most loyal customers. presents below the most commonly used bonuses:
The Welcome Bonus is awarded to fresh players after their sign up. The amount is usually around $100. As a beginner, you better apprentice with our website first, to be able to choose the most trustworthy online casinos and take advantage of the best welcome bonuses. The Welcome bonus can be either a Percentage or a Match type bonus. The Percentage bonus is variable (between 50% and 500%) and basically depends on the deposited amount, while the Match Bonus follows the principle: for any deposited dollar you get another one, so it is always a 100% bonus. Players prone to reasonable long-term strategies would rather choose Match bonuses, which we heartily recommend. They are safer and more motivating. Actually, most websites usually offer this type of Welcome bonus.
No Deposit Bonuses are another form of online casino bonus that doesn’t involve any kind of deposit, being favored by skeptic players. They get money in their account without any effort and start playing without taking any risks. The bonus can often reach the amount of ten dollars. It’s not very much, but it’s something that players get for free.
When gamblers are wise enough to use the deposit methods agreed by the online casino websites they get another bonus called Preferred Deposit Bonus. We can assure you that any casino has its own favored electronic payment methods, which are not so hard to guess, being usually advertised on the first page. We assume each casino has its own reasons to prefer one method or another. The important thing is that you can get up to 15% bonus just for not straying from good advice. invites you to discover some other types of bonuses, such as the Loyalty Bonus, which is granted to players that stick to the same online casino for a long while reaching a certain level of experience and stability. This bonus validates your position of senior player by acquiring a VIP status, meaning more advantages and more chances to earn other further bonuses. In the online gaming world it is almost impossible to leapfrog straight to huge bonuses. For some inveterate players the chase after bonuses can become quite debilitating. Our advice is to try several online casinos, choose the one you like and trust and then stick to it. It might be healthier in the long term. Monthly or weekly bonuses are part of the same system. The players’ perseverance is rewarded by generosity of online casinos. Unfortunately only casinos decide whether you are eligible to claim such a bonus after a week or a month. The gesture and the amount are incentive, especially for laggard players who seek improvement or are ready to quit.
High Roller is another type of bonus conceded to gamblers who find the courage to start playing by depositing a considerable amount of money in their account. The percentage varies between 50 and 100% of the deposited amount.
As you can see, cares about your first online casino adventure and offers a useful guide to all available deposit bonuses. After reading our reviews, gamblers are more prepared to face this new experience and trust their chances.