At gamblers can find a list of the best online casinos that provide their players with an extensive variety of Slot Machines.
Slot Machines are undoubtedly one of the oldest and most popular games, even though many other captivating games populate the magic universe of online gambling. They are tremendously enjoyed worldwide mainly because they do not require any special skills or experience. The results of the game mostly rely on chance. And let’s not forget to mention another major aspect of Slots: they are incredibly entertaining!
In Slots anything is possible; a simple $1 bet can very easily turn into a huge unexpected jackpot. But players mostly prefer online Casino Slots with Bonus rounds, lately a common feature.
Bonus Slot games allow players to earn extra credits without making any investment. When the bonus game is triggered the same game is replayed. The principle is very simple and the games are especially designed to satisfy any type of gambler.
The Bonus round usually involves selecting an object or a number of objects to win credits. This way, players have the possibility to accumulate additional payouts, make up for their previous losses and get spoiled a bit. has noticed a major attraction for this type of Slot games, although the alignment of symbols required to trigger bonus games does not occur very frequently. A hard blow is given to players who trigger a bonus game but do not win any credits. Their disappointment is often compensated by the house via other mechanisms, such as the second screen bonus game, featured by modern casino applications. Lately software developers have been trying to increase the frequency of bonus rounds, and here comes the second type of bonus game, called the free spins round. The free spin rounds are much more pleasant and popular due to multiplied payouts and additional wilds. They ensure substantial Bonus payouts, but unlike the Bonus games, are not designed with any compensation mechanisms against poor payouts, which happen sometimes due to bad luck.
Not long ago Realtime Gaming released a Slot game called Hockey Hero that contains a new free spins bonus round feature called the Win-Win Bonus Feature. Its purpose is to compensate the player in case he wins only up to ten times the triggering bet. The payouts in the Win-Win Bonus Feature can be quite hefty. For instance, if the player does not win anything at all during the free spins round (which is quite rare) he gets payout of 200 times the triggering bet. believes this feature might revolutionize online Slots and will definitely be introduced by other developers in their gaming platforms.
During the free spins Bonus round players receive payouts according to the combinations on the reels but are not supposed to place any wagers. The payouts are determined by the wager placed in the spin that triggered the free spins Bonus round. Seldom is this round triggered randomly. It’s important to know that the free spins Bonus round is based on two parameters: the number of free spins and the multiplier. The tendency in last generation Slot games is that both parameters should be established by playing a second game on another screen.
In terms of payouts, there aren’t many differences from one game to another, except for the theme. Most free-spin Slots offer the same payouts, as well as the same number of free-spins and win multiplier amounts. However recommends checking the payouts offered by every version of online Slots before selecting the best. Usually better odds offer better payouts. Perhaps the odds are similar but the Bonus round makes all the difference. Don’t hesitate to grab a share of it whenever you have the chance!
The Bonus rounds provide the best odds of winning at Slots, and the payout percentages are very promising. It is a never disappointing game because you always get to win something in the end, no matter the results, or at least you have to wait for your turn.
Another advice can give you concerning the Bonus round payout percentages is to join the online casino loyalty programs; they often include really good deals. Membership increases Slots payout percentage by acquiring points. This might not guarantee more frequent winnings but it’s free money you could not refuse!
The Bonus feature online Slots has lately become the favorite of many gamblers simply because they are more interesting, entertaining and profitable then conventional Slots.