Many online players often wonder as to which is the best type of slot machine available on the Internet, since there is such a wide selection of them. The answer could only be subjective, because the choice entirely depends on personal taste, preferences, features, graphics and fun level perceived by each particular player. As a specialist in online gambling, recommends trying several types of Slots to find the best style for your taste and entertainment needs. Don’t hesitate to sign in and play at several casinos; the online gaming world is so vast; it would be a pity not to benefit from everything it has to offer.

The range includes attractive reel slots, multiple pay line slots, progressive jackpot slots and bonus multiplier slots. The more you try the more your chances to hit the jackpot will increase. At you can find useful and instructive information about different Online Slot Games, their strategies and winning odds. Our links will take you to the most reliable online casinos with plenty of opportunities for your taste and budget. A trustworthy Internet guide is all you need to evaluate a wide selection and choose the best option. That is why we are here for you.

There are basically three types of Slot machines, ever since the game has been moved online: classic 3-reel Slots, multi line Slots, and progressive Slots.

3-reel Slots are favored by many fresh gamblers due to their simplicity and familiarity. In fact, who doesn’t love 3-reel Slots? The game consists of 3 basic reels and a single payout line across the middle. Although very basic at a first glance, 3 reel Slot machines may contain sophisticated features to make the action more entertaining. A bunch of variations exist to create diversification and fun. The difference between them refers to theme, graphics, payouts, the number of players, the number of pay lines, and the coin denominations.

3 reel Slot machines are very player friendly, no matter the number of pay lines (usually between 1 and 5) and tend to remain very popular although they exist for over 100 years and more complex versions have been invented in the meantime.

Multi line Slots can be played at most online casinos listed by and present the common feature of having more than 3 reels. The payout lines are usually disposed horizontally, vertically, and diagonally to create more winning possibilities, though do not guarantee more money over all.

5 reel Slots appear to be a bit more complicated than the basics and are often preferred by advanced players. More reels means more game options and subsequently more fun; most players realize that when they opt for multi line Slots. As in the case of 3-reel Slots, the existing variations differ in theme, design, number of pay lines, number of players, coin denominations, bonus features, or others.

The number of pay lines is unlimited and you may easily find Slots featuring 15 or even 20 pay lines at some casinos. It’s up to you to choose the best that suits your gambling expectations.

Progressive Slots, also called Progressives, are much popular with players around the world due to offering a continuously increasing jackpot counter, which takes into account the amount of bets made across a number of linked online casinos. They can be played either as classic or multi line slot machines, in both cases fascinating, and the jackpot can reach substantial amounts, depending on the casino (up to $1 million). recommends Progressive Slots mainly for three reasons: they are really fun, original and usually high quality. And of course, they can make you win a lot of money, because of the ever-growing jackpot, bigger than in other Slot games, according to the amount you are willing to bet. You will be playing within a network of linked Slot machines but the jackpot is common, so the only winner takes it all. You should be aware that the chances of winning are much lower than in the case of normal Slot machines, but the jackpot is so motivating that many players find the courage to get on board. The Progressive machines can be of three types: Stand Alone Progressives (not linked to other machines), Proprietary Progressives (linked to other machines), and Wide Area Progressives (featuring enormous jackpots).

Perhaps it is also worth mentioning Bonus Slots, generally played to increase the bankroll and lower the house advantage. They provide a variety of games, themes, smaller or larger maximum bets, depending on your preference. Higher stake Bonus Slots promise huge wins and fascinating adventures. Just make sure you understand the wagering requirements supporting the bonus before the game begins.

Most Bonus Slots include a scatter symbol and the players are supposed to accumulate three symbols to line up on a pay line. Free spins are then granted to collect the earnings. Some Slot machines combine progressive and bonus features to make the game more captivating

Another important category of Slots, which will be further explained by, is the regular multiplier Slots on one hand and the Bonus multiplier Slots on the other hand. They are both much favored by gamblers due to considerable payouts and multiplier symbol combinations. The regular multiplier Slots do not yield any bonus for the max quantity of coins per spin, only because some players do not agree to play the maximum amount of coins per spin. Bonus multiplier Slots is just a variation of the regular ones offering more chances of winning.

Do you want to have fun and win a lot of money? Slots is the answer; probably the easiest and most popular casino game in the world. Take your chance on your favorite type of Slots and start winning at one of the casinos suggested by