Pai Gow Poker is a very interesting and entertaining game, but many casino gamblers tend to keep away from it, because it seems complicated at first. In fact, its resemblance with domino and the poker features added later create a fascinating amalgam of opportunities and lucky hands. will accompany you into the journey of discovering and appreciating Pai Gow Poker. But let’s start learning the rules, which is quite easy by the way, in spite of the circulating rumors.
Pai Gow Poker, the ancient Chinese game in its modern version, is played with a 53-card deck, one of the cards being a joker. Unlike other casino games allowing multiple players, Pai Gow involves just one player and the banker, or the dealer, engaged both in a contest for the best hands. Speed is not an attribute of Pai Gow Poker, since the two participants need time to think over their moves in order to win the game at all price. Take the slow pace rather as an advantage.
Bets are made in the first place by distributing seven cards to each of the players. It doesn’t really matter who gets the first set of cards, this decision is taken by a random generating device. The next step is to arrange the cards into two different hands, one containing five cards and the other, two. The banker arranges his cards by respecting some rules called the “House Way”. The player confronts the dealer by showing his five-card hand. After the dealer has displayed his own five-card hand, the one who possesses the higher hand is declared winner.
Subsequently, the two-card hands are compared in the same way. In case the player and the dealer happen to display identical hands, we are sorry to disappoint you; it is the banker who wins. The player gets all the money if he wins both hands. One victory and one loss lead to a push. recommends paying the commission of 5% in advance to avoid unpleasant situations when the players lose the entire wager. In fact, the compulsory commission percent paid before the game is lower than the one paid after the game.
Another important rule to notice is that the two-card hand value can never exceed the five-card hand; otherwise the game must be restarted. The joker is generally counted as an ace unless it is used to make a full straight, flush, or straight flush.
The player can also take the role of the banker once in a while, having the benefit of copies and better commission rate.
In Pai Gow Poker the odds are determined by your skill of arranging cards in each hand and by fortune. But be careful, once you concentrate all your attention on making one perfect hand, you can skip some important aspects of the action and neglect the fate of the other hand. Our advice is to play three cards of a kind plus two cards of a kind, thus, trying to win both hands at the same time. is willing to provide you with the most accurate information about how to play Pai Gow Poker and we really hope that you can enjoy this game at its fullest. Below there is a list of online casinos where you can play Pai Gow Poker for as long as you wish, helped by the best odds.