This page of is dedicated to presenting another popular casino game named Pai Gow Poker. We will try to offer you all the information you need about the Pai Gow poker rules, the game and its, versions and odds.
Although of Chinese origin, it should not be mistaken with Sic Bo; Pai Gow Poker is a kind of Westernized variant of the old game, played with special dominoes. The modern Pai Gow inherited some features from the domino-based game, perpetuated for centuries into a tradition that cannot be so easily erased, becoming a smart combination of those features and traditional Poker cards.
Pai Gow Poker is for those who enjoy simple, cheerful games that make you forget about everything and offer the pleasure of appreciating every moment of playing. You only need a bit of skill, a piece of luck and constant perseverance. The challenge is to handle two hands of cards instead of one and to wager on the eventuality of having better cards than the dealer.
At the beginning of the game players place their bets and then the dealer distributes seven cards per each player. The players are asked to arrange their cards into two hands of five (High Hand) and two (Low Hand), so does the dealer. It is essential that the High Hand should have a greater value than the Low Hand in order to be able to pursue the game. The objective of Pai Gow Poker is to display better cards than the dealer.
Most of the online casinos listed by and featuring this game offer the opportunity to arrange the cards automatically for you after receiving the cards. You can either choose this option by pressing House Way or arrange the cards according to your knowledge and intuition.
It’s important to know in advance that Pai Gow Poker is not very similar to other types of poker, in terms of winning hand combinations or payout. Also, the deck contains 53 cards, the last one being a joker or Wild Card. The joker’s utility is to make full three hand combinations: a Straight, a Flush, or a Straight Flush, but it can also be taken as an ace sometimes.
You might be wondering what happens if the player’s hand value coincides with the dealer’s. Well, in such cases, contrary to your expectations, there is no push; it is clearly the dealer who wins the bet.
Here are the most common Pai Gow Poker hand combinations shortly explained by 5 Aces (4 aces plus the Joker), Royal Flush (10, J, Q, K, A of same suit), Straight Flush (5 cards of same suit), Four of a Kind, Flush (5 cards of same suit), Straight (sequence of 5 cards), Three of a Kind, Two Pair (of different rank), Ace, King, Queen and Jack.
Don’t hesitate to practice the game in free mode to have enough time to assimilate its rules and improve your potential.
Pai Gow might not be as popular as the other traditional casino games but once discovered, it becomes the favorite one of many gamblers, especially those who are fond of domino and poker at the same time.
We warmly recommend you to check out this game, it will make your day! It’s easy to play, stimulating and energizing. Join one of the online casino websites listed by and start winning money!