Internet offers myriad exciting activities. Online casino gambling takes the lead in many respects, sought, adored and appreciated by millions of players worldwide. It provides a unique gaming opportunity to win considerable cash prizes.
Opening an online casino account implies a certain degree of risk for players as well as for the provider. To verify the credibility and reputation of an online casino is quite easy: as long as it is listed by you have nothing to worry about. But how should an operator verify the credibility of the player?
Most online casinos are currently using a player verification process that allows them to see who the person behind the account is and whether he/she is able to make a deposit.
This process of verification can be a little frustrating for players but it is inevitable and compulsory to proceed. For their own safety and security, players are asked to send some information (copies of utility bills or credit cards and of the photo ID) by fax to the online casino. Thus, communication is being established between the service provider and the beneficiary for a mutual trust. Most players understand the necessity of this identification process, which is essential to prevent frauds. It is only required once, before the first withdrawal request.
Only players who do not trust the selected online casino seem to be discouraged by the verification. If so, urges them to select a licensed and reputable online casino among those listed on our website. They guarantee 100% security and identity & data protection.
The process of verification can be simplified by using a new performing solution offered by Player Verify. A large number of online operators have already implemented it. Player Verify Company acts as an intermediary that collects and stores all the information requested by the online casinos and sent by players. The biggest advantage is that players only have to send this information once though they might be playing at several online casinos, which are currently using Player Verify services.
Players should never doubt the privacy and security of their data. When an online casino sends a request of information for a certain player the access is restricted by a unique code. Moreover, documents are well organized and conveniently kept both for customers and online casinos to avoid identity theft or fraud.
Customers are allowed to view and edit their information or even deny a certain online casino’s access to his/her documents.
One of the main concerns of, as a reliable resource of information about online casino gambling, is the players’ security, safety and confidentiality. That’s why we recommend our partners to use Player Verify services and our customers not to hesitate playing at websites that collaborate with Player Verify.
For some time, the players’ verification process has been revolutionized by such a simplification. Online Casinos and regular players seem to be pleased with Player Verify valuable services. Uploading, managing and storing of personal data is easy, convenient and secure. There are no chances for this information to be lost, misplaced or spread without permission.
Online gamblers should be apprehensive and careful when playing online. Fortunately, if using the appropriate sources and services, safety and protection are 100% guaranteed.