recommends a fascinating online casino game called Sic Bo. If you have never heard of it, it is absolutely worth trying, if you have, this page is entirely dedicated to you. We are going to reveal the best Sic Bo strategies to make you not only enjoy the game but also win a lot of money. Playing Sic Bo is always entertaining and relaxing.
The objective of Sic Bo is to predict the outcome of the next roll of the dice by making a bet before the dealer shakes the three dice. You can imagine how difficult it is to make speculations on the roll of the dice when it seems to rely only on chance, a phenomenon obviously out of our control. But that’s precisely the charm of online Sic Bo: to accept any surprise and enjoy the moment. However, the randomness of results does not deter us from trying to establish a strategy, or at least paying more attention to types of bets.
The wisest thing suggests to gamblers is decrease the risk of the game by placing bets with small edge. There are several Sic Bo bets associated with a quite low edge (2.78%) such as the Small, Big and Combination bets. These bets are ideal for beginners and amateurs of low-risk.
The Small Bet supposes the prediction of the dice comprised between 4 and 10 by offering an even money payout. If you want to increase your odds of winning and you are willing to accept a small prize, this option is recommended.
The Big Bet is quite similar but supposes the prediction of the dice comprised between 11 and 17. The payout is again 1 to 1 and the risk of losing is quite minimal.
If you are not having enough fun, choose another type of bet, for example the Combination bet. The house edge is low (2.77%) and the odds are 6 to 1, so you can expect to win a respectable amount every 7 bets.
A single number bet is also convenient for gamblers who are chasing higher payouts but lower probability winnings. In such cases you have to declare that one die will have a specific number in the field between 1 and 6 and you have to choose a number to bet on, hoping that the roll of the dice will point to that specific number. Be careful, if the dice points to another number you are very likely to lose the bet. The risk lies in the specificity of your choice.
If you are looking for better odds recommends betting on triples. It may be a specific sequence of three numbers, all odd numbers, all even numbers or a mixture of them. Betting on triples ensures a higher payout, not to mention the support of the house for this type of bet. It is quite easy to bet on combination’s such as: two odd and one even number, two even and one odd number, three odd or three even numbers. A clear winning strategy is combining bets in such a way as to create premises for better odds no matter the outcomes.
It depends on the player’s objective and knowledge of the game whether he chooses a high-risk, a medium-risk or a low-risk Sic Bo strategy. There are plenty of options and possibilities. Stick to simple moves if you are not yet very experimented and aim for more if you do not lack confidence. Don’t hesitate to challenge your own capabilities, in online Sic Bo there’s nothing to be afraid of! We wish you happy rolling!