Sic Bo (also known as Tai Sai or Dai Siu) can be your escape from regular online casino games and recommends it without hesitating; you will surely enjoy it! Some variety once in a while is very useful to freshen up your gambling experience.
The game originated in ancient China and increased in popularity over the years to reach its present awesome reputation in Asia as well as in Europe and America.
At a first glance, the Sic Bo table appears to be complicated, including such a great variety of options. The truth is, it is not so different from the Roulette or Craps table. The layout is split into several areas providing various numbers and dice faces. Every area indicates a combination of three dice used in the game.
The rules of Sic Bo are relatively easy to learn, it takes only a few minutes to become a beginner and make your entrance into the magic Sic Bo universe, and is ready to help you in this endeavor. So, to start the game you have to make bets by placing chips in the corresponding spots on the layout of the table.
The aim is to anticipate the outcome of the next roll of the dice. The dealer shakes the three dice and waits until bets are placed. The result is revealed by focusing the light on the area of the layout corresponding to the previously made bets. That’s almost everything you need to know in technical terms.
Sic Bo offers many advantages and motivations such as, a fast speed, quick decision environment and incentive energy. Though having some similitude’s with Craps and Roulette, Sic Bo is quite different and you will have the chance to catch up with its secrets while playing.
The house edge is perhaps not the main reason players are fond of the Sic Bo game but it is definitely worth playing, especially because you will not find this game in every online casino. wishes to simplify this quest by providing you with a list of the most trustful online casinos featuring Sic Bo. Please check each website’s version of the Sic Bo table layout, payouts and odds, as they might be different. A good thing is that most of these websites offer the opportunity to practice the game for free before actually playing. Here is a good chance to become familiar with the rules and acquire some strategies all along.
It is always interesting to monitor the Sic Bo outcomes; they usually rely on three dice roll combination’s. The payout ranges between 1:1 and 180:1 depending on the expected combination.
The most common bets associated with this game are Single Number Bets – refer to betting on the options from the bottom row of the table; Two Number Combination Bets – refer to betting on the next row from the bottom containing fifteen options; and Three Number Total Bets – include bets made on the third row options. You can see the outcome displayed on the layout after the roll has decided the winning combination’s.
Sic Bo is a unique online casino game. Playing its online version allows you to take as much time as you need to consider bets; there is no pressure and no stress. Such a relaxing atmosphere might help you face your own fears and desires to get to the target. As long as you are careful about your budget, investments and state of mind, there is nothing to worry about. aims to accompany you through this journey and help you become more confident as a player.