Every Slots player must be interested in knowing the payout percentage of his favorite game. This is actually a major criterion when selecting an online casino to play Slots at, or the version of the game. How much a slot game can return to the player via its payout percentage is essential information usually provided by the casino’s website, to prevent any confusion. However, some online casinos do not consider necessary to display such information. Onlinecasinoportal.net recommends playing at casinos that are not afraid to publish the payout percentages for all their games.
Payout percentage is basically the long term return that gamblers can expect for a $100 bet, based on the formula of the game. Subsequently, there are online casino games that offer higher and lower payout percentages. But first, they need to learn how to calculate this percentage in order to make sure the house is being fair. Unfortunately, the traditional method based on mathematical calculation does not apply to Slots: that is estimating the probability of the outcome to determine the percentage. Also, very little information about Slots probability rate is actually available online.
Let’s say you want to find out the payout percentage of Slots that require getting a symbol on the first rows of the first three reels. In this case, you need to know the number of symbols that can possibly appear on each reel and count those of the specific symbol, which is very hard. Don’t feel discouraged though; Onlinecasinoportal.net deems the success of this online casino game lies in its mystery and most people enjoy having to deal with surprises. It can be frustrating to some but very challenging to others!
The payout percentage in Slots cannot be estimated through computer simulation either, like in the case of Blackjack or Video Poker. The explanation is simple: there are too many versions of this game and every month another dozen of new Slot games are released on the market. Each of them displays a singular system, very difficult to keep track of. Simply impossible or even unnecessary.
Another possibility would be to calculate the payout percentage by trying a simulation in auto play mode. You can set the bets and run the feature for the maximum number of spins. Then you can eventually compare the initial and final balances to see the total number of bets per spin. This should be enough to estimate the payout percentage. However, take into account the fact that the results will not always be accurate.
Specialists assume the higher the payout percentage the more are the chances of winning. And although we cannot make precise calculations for every version of the game, major software developers guarantee a general payout percentage of 94% – 96% for most online Slots. So, if you are playing at a reputable and trusted online casino, like those listed at Onlinecasinoportal.net, you have nothing to worry about. The payout percentage is always convenient. As a matter of fact, very few players select the game based on the payout percentage, but rather on theme, features, etc.
From the above assumptions and personal experience you can conclude that the most profitable action in Slots is generally playing the highest coin denominations. They are usually associated with huge jackpots.
Once you have found a professional online casino that you really enjoy playing at and the Slots payout percentages are not publicly displayed, do not hesitate to contact the support team and get the information you need to play safely.