Online Slots is a game enjoyed everywhere on the planet for several reasons: tradition, simplicity, variety and excitement. Its popularity exceeds many other casino games. The competition is tough but Slots seems to be always on top! In order to meet your demands, came up with a list of the best online casinos to play Slots at.
This article is intended to be a “how to play Slots guide”. The rules are generally inherited from the old-fashioned machines invented several decades ago, but new features have been added to entertain players. The basic principle is the following: insert the coin and spin the reel. After the reels have stopped you need to check the payout line for winning combination of symbols.
Slot machines are pretty much alike, displaying their name on top, and the payout table beneath. The payout table is designed to reveal the money awards for each combination of reels. You might also be wondering about the reels. They spin when the lever is pulled and their number can vary between three and five. Older machines are typically endowed with three reels while the most recent inventions have five.
In case of 3 reel Slots you need to get a winning combination of symbols on the payout line in order to win and up to five payout lines per game (top row, middle row, bottom row, left diagonal, and right diagonal).
In case of 5 reel Slots, the number of payout lines is increased (up to nine payout lines), meaning that the chances of winning are much higher. At least one winning combination of symbols on one payout line can bring you a lot of money! But imagine how much you can win with winning combination’s on several payout lines!
The payout line is a row of symbols that goes through the middle of the reels and activates a win. It can be either horizontal or diagonal. The payout also depends on the size of your bet. Online Slot machines have special buttons to decide the size of your bets and the moment of spinning.
There is a Slot game that has only one payout line, the middle row; it is called Bonus Slots. Players are granted an extra bonus payout when the single payout line displays the bonus symbol.
Feature Slots offer the biggest number of payout lines (up to 15) and include wild symbols as incentives for winning. should perhaps also mention Progressive Slot Machines, very popular with gamblers and a bit different from the classic models. A huge jackpot is usually involved to which all players contribute during the rounds of the game. It is finally won by only one player. Nevertheless, all the participants share equal chances to win the amazing jackpot. The only requirement is to play the maximum amount of coins per spin in order to become eligible.
It is essential to understand the Slots game rules before initiating your playing experience. They are quite simple, so don’t hesitate to consult our portal for interesting and complete information about Slots. Most gamblers prefer Slots and most online casinos listed by feature and recommend Slots.
The adventure begins when pulling the lever and expecting lucky combination’s. You need to special skill for that; it’s all so easy and pleasant: just place a small bet and you are qualified to win a massive jackpot!