Who hasn’t heard about Cryptologic? The company ranges among the leading online casino gaming software providers. Founded in 1996, Cryptologic initially focused on developing specialized encryption technology software and only afterwards, acknowledging the brilliant perspectives of the online gaming sector, shifted towards creating applications for this industry.
Onlinecasinoportal.net emphasizes the contribution brought by Cryptologic to the development of the internet casino software, which has always been outstanding. Its features sometimes proved to be revolutionary and determined the evolution of the online gaming potential. The company started as a pioneer in the field and still maintains its position of top casino software producer, widely appreciated everywhere in the world.
The turning point was made in 2002 when Cryptologic expanded and launched the first no-download casino game. The doors of the online poker and online bingo markets opened and the ascension continued during the next years, marked by other innovations and patents.
Cryptologic platform includes a very large portfolio of over 280 games, plus incredibly useful features, multi-game opportunities, offers, promotions, live support and even more you could possibly expect. In its endeavor to leapfrog straight to the next technology, Cryptologic created a selection of exclusive games, nowadays fully licensed and established brands, like Marvel Heroes Slots or Bejeweled Slots.
Always goaded by the right inspiration, seems like Cryptologic has never been supplanted by younger competition, due to its permanent concern for high quality, security and innovation. Providing a trusted and reputable gaming system, Cryptologic struggles to improve its features, increase its options and make the whole process easier.
Onlinecasinoportal.net warmly recommends using the Cryptologic platform games and casinos. Exciting and entertaining, most of the games have been developed on advanced features and secure grounds. Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk or Punisher are unique examples of captivating games highly appreciated by users.
Cryptologic has unwittingly become more than an online casino management platform, a testing environment for new games, ideas and a laboratory for integrating licensed software.
WagerLogic is the subsidiary group created by Cryptologic company to be responsible with the development of gambling games, which also happened to become the first provider of internet gambling software who applied the same rigorous conditions, regulations and standards as a land based casino.
All the online casinos using the WagerLogic platform are monthly audited and verified for fairness and randomness by authorized agents. Onlinecasinoportal.net guarantees they can be entirely trusted because their functioning is built on transparency and customer confidence.
Presently, Cryptologic software continues to prosper and acquire precious experience, being able to offer enticing games and features, thoroughly explored by gamblers.
Cryptologic is known for such popular titles as Bejewelled, Cubis puzzle game, Marvel Super Heroes slot series and many others. The famous software producer is always at the head of the column, appealing both to players and online casinos.
In the hustle and bustle of the online gambling world it’s hard to find a casino that feels both hip and homey. You are invited to visit the Cryptologic virtual casinos suggested by Onlinecasinoportal.net where you will surely find everything you are looking for in terms of entertainment, presentation and account management.