Microgaming is indisputably the leader of online casino gaming software providers, dominating the industry ever since 1994, when it was first established. It is also the oldest company, annunciating the advent of the virtual gambling epoch.
Microgaming, acknowledged by Onlinecasinoportal.net as the number one supplier of online casino systems in the world, owes its success and reputation to a permanent concern for improvement, increased security and fairness towards its customers worldwide.
The commitment to security and fair gaming has gone far enough to create and ensure several healthy transparency means, called Credibility Technologies, among which the Pricewaterhouse Coopers payout report, the PlayCheck player based auditing or the CashCheck player account activity reviews.
The most powerful Microgaming advantages are: an overwhelming variety of games, exceptional graphics and the finest sound quality.
Gamblers really enjoy using Microgaming software, which is invigorating and easygoing. The provided features cover financial management, including access to history of past bets and other useful information about the player’s account situation.
Microgaming software producer has always been aware of the importance of design and looks, constantly craving for innovation and the improvement of its image. Onlinecasinoportal.net affirms that the best graphics in the world are displayed by Microgaming casino software and its multitude of games benefit from amazing presentation and alluring interfaces. Customers’ eyes are immediately conquered by the breathtaking visual effects, remarkable sounds and realistic actions. Your senses and imagination are trapped in a world of super games, rich features and life-like simulations.
So, the tremendous popularity of Microgaming is easily explainable in terms of security, graphics and sheer diversity of features. What about its concern for the interest of the player? In fact, it is namely Microgaming who took the initiative to create CORBA, an independent authority responsible with protecting the players’ rights, just to mention one of its implications in guaranteeing a clean and safe gambling environment.
The software provider releases monthly secure updates to games, offers and promotions, which are available to all subscribed users.
Microgaming software presents over 250 shining games to select from, including all the classic games (Roulette, Slots, Blackjack, Poker, etc.) but also a large palette of more recent inventions and even some unusual concoctions. All of them are characterized by excellent graphics and user-friendly interfaces. Both users and a great number of online casinos are extremely satisfied with the Microgaming platform possibilities.
On such a competitive market Microgaming succeeded to maintain its position as leader, never really being threatened by competition. Moreover, its reputation and policies have a very good impact on the development of a safe and trustworthy e-gambling environment, acting as a model of inspiration to all the other companies launched in the industry.
The online casinos powered by Microgaming and promoted by Onlinecasinoportal.net are offering a great variety of games and options, being ranked among the best of the best. Its success relies on constant care for quality, exceptional applications and services as well as responsible attitude towards the customer needs. Microgaming deserves our admiration and praise.
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