Online Blackjack is a challenging and sophisticated game that requires an intricate mind and serious strategy. Learning about Blackjack can take years of patience and dedication. continues to help you getting closer to becoming an accomplished player by revealing the most important aspects of the game. This time our focus is the Surrender Rule in online Blackjack.
Surrender is basically one of the options offered to the participants of the game. Depending on the value of the hand, based on the first two cards, players are allowed to surrender their hand to the dealer. It usually happens when the hand is too weak, unable to beat the dealer, and no other additional card could improve its value. In order to announce the surrender, players are expected to speak up their option, without making any gestures. However, this opportunity is not supported by all the online Blackjack games; for instance, beginners are often forbidden to surrender.
At this point you might be wondering how surrender rule works and how it helps. As soon as you realize by looking at your first two cards that the dealer is about to win the game, don’t hesitate to announce your surrender. Thus, you have the chance to abandon your cards and get out of the round to wait for the next one. Sounds good so far. The only disadvantage involved by the Surrender rule is the obligation to give up on 50% of your original wager, which is collected by the dealer once you have abandoned your cards. So, you only get back 50% of your bet, but the good news is you could have lost it all without surrendering. concludes the Surrender Rule is a good option you should always take into account while playing online Blackjack. What you probably don’t know, is that there are two main types of Surrender, based on timing. There is an Early Surrender and a Late Surrender. The Early Surrender takes place before the dealer has checked his hand for Blackjack. The Late Surrender takes place after the dealer has checked his cards for Blackjack. Some casinos apply the first rule while others the second. You should get informed before playing on your options to surrender.
Some players feel uncomfortable surrendering and avoid it just because they don’t want to be considered cowards. But the Surrender Rule should be regarded an opportunity to get away from bigger mischance. Let’s face it; giving away 50% of the bet is not the worst thing that can happen. We advise you to leave aside prejudices and act as a professional player by showing a serious attitude towards the game and all its options. There is no shame in surrendering, it is in fact a benefit offered by the house and it is your decision to use it or not. considers the Surrender Rule as a true betting strategy, as it can turn out to be very helpful in certain circumstances and protect the player from being busted. Blackjack is a game entirely driven by decisions that can be either good or bad.
The decision of surrendering is much more difficult in a game of multiple decks. You should be very careful which hands to surrender. If you have two pairs of 8 or a soft 15 or 16, don’t even think about surrendering. Wait and see if the dealer has a Blackjack and then take the decision. It all depends on the dealer’s hand.
Surrendering when you are not supposed to brings the house considerable advantage. That is why knowing when to surrender is so important. Practicing the game for free or learning from the best can be a good way to get used to applying properly the Surrender Rule in Blackjack.
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