A small dictionary of the most frequently used online casino terms is imperative for beginners. Onlinecasinoportal.net compiled this explanatory and handy vocabulary guide for a better understanding of the online casino gambling phenomenon.
Banker or dealer – in card games is the person who distributes the cards, the payouts and supervises the course of the game. In some games, as baccarat or roulette, he is called by the French term “croupier”.

Bankroll – designates the total amount of the player’s (or the casino’s) money kept in the online casino account and used to support any gambling activities, such as wagering.

Bonus – the money granted by the casino to players for free as a reward or incentive to motivate them to continue betting. There are several types of bonuses: welcome/sign-up bonus, loyalty bonus, refer-a-friend bonus, only to name a few.

Chips – round tokens that possess a symbolic monetary value and are used on the virtual casino tables instead of cash.

Deposit – the process of adding money into your online casino account by using a credit card, an e-wallet or another payment method.

Draw – the action of exchanging a pocket card for a new card taken from the deck of the dealer (common in card games, especially video poker).

Edge – the percent of the player’s advantage over the house (online casino) or the house’s advantage over the player.

High Roller – the player who bets considerable sums of money and expects to win big.

House – the institution hosting the games or the online casino.

Jackpot – a substantial money prize awarded to winners of certain online casino games.

Maximum Bet – the highest bet allowed by the house but also a button for betting the maximum coin size in Slot games.

Odds – the ratio of probabilities or chances of winning as established by the casino, usually expressed by percents or fractions.

Payline – the line where the symbols of a slot machine reel align to create combinations.

Payoff – the payback the player is entitled to receive for each wager.

Payoff Odds – refers to the amount of money that will be paid for a certain bet.

Progression Betting – a system of betting that supposes a systematic gradual change in the bet-size during several rounds of playing.

Progressive – usually means a slot machine offering a potential jackpot that gradually increases until one of the players hits the progressive jackpot and the amount is reset.

Push – the end of a round that has no winners, a tie hand between the dealer & the player.

RNG – (Random Number Generator) computer software that in the process of spinning/shuffling randomly generates the outcomes for certain games.

Session – the period of time spent at the online casino playing games.

Shuffling – the process of mixing cards to prepare a deck or a shoe for playing.

Tournament – a competition occasionally organized by the online casino and involving a group of players who compete over a period of time to win the final prize. The game is played with special chips and requires an entrance fee.

Wager – synonym for bet.

Withdrawal – the process of removing the accumulated cash from your online gambling account via several methods suggested by the casino website.