The concept of “expected return” is very important in Video Poker for the overall understanding of the game. wishes to explain how it works and how it can contribute to choosing a correct strategy while playing.
The expected return is often referred to as the payback percentage of the machine over a certain period of time (several rounds of play), being calculated based on payouts for specific hands, according to a set of principles, which are in fact very simple. The expected return can also be perceived as the long-term result of the player’s decisions. In conclusion, it is a combination of established principles and personal approach. The payout percentage works in your favor as long as you know how to take advantage of the ratios listed on a game’s payout table. They differ from one hand to another, so make sure your strategy concerns only the specific hand you are dealing with. estimates that the success of Video Poker essentially consists in having options to decide for better winning odds and the possibility of shaping a customized strategy to improve expected returns. Keep in mind: the house doesn’t always have to win. It’s up to the player to turn payout percentages to his/her benefit.
Let’s analyze how expected returns work in case of Jacks or Better, the most common form of Video Poker. A full house is paid 6 to 1 and a straight is paid 4 to 1. Based on this assumption, the player’s probability of being paid out 6 to 1 is 9/47, because he draws 4 cards out 5 to get a flush and 9 potential cards are left in the deck to complete that specific hand. In order to calculate the expected return, the player has to take into account the pay ratio and the odds of winning, by multiplying them. The result would be 115%, which is very promising. In case the player gives up on the idea of pursuing a flash and goes after a straight draw, there will be another expected return. An outside straight draw involves 8 cards out of the 47, susceptible of completing the hand. The payout is 4 to 1. By multiplying the payout ratio and the odds, the player will get an expected return of 68%. recommends calculating the expected return for any situation and for any specific hand, before drawing cards. The example above illustrates the fact that useful information can lead to very wise decisions during the game. We encourage players to estimate the expected returns for several possible hands and choose the most advantageous option, depending on card combinations. Don’t forget that decisions should be made during the course of the game, because any initial hand can be subsequently played in 32 different ways and it would be difficult to decide upon a strategy right from the beginning.
Profitability in Video Poker also depends on the type of game you choose to play, simply because some versions offer better odds than the others. Make sure you get that information beforehand. It is generally advisable to stick to Video Poker games that offer expected returns of at least 100% or more. However, your chance of hitting the pot mostly relies upon luck and perseverance, like in any other online casino game. Good expected returns are not the only ingredient to secure a successful Video Poker experience, there is also luck and mathematical thinking. wishes you happy gambling at the most reputable Video Poker online casinos!