Video Poker is one of the top favorite online casino games. More or less experienced players have come up with a set of misconceptions over the years about this game that continue to get our attention. In this article, will try to explain and destroy these myths that unfortunately continue to surround Video Poker and often mislead players.

  • Myth Nr 1 – Machines hit big payouts only once in a while

Many people believe that machines only hit after long periods of time. According to this assumption, players should be patient enough to win the big prize. In fact, machines are endowed with random number generators that make sure no pattern is ever repeated. Every hand is unique and has no connection to the previous or the next one.

  • Myth Nr 2 – Betting the maximum amount of coins guarantees success

This myth is only partially true. Betting the maximum amount actually guarantees better chances of winning but not better hands. The maximum number of coins (usually five credits) can really bring large bonuses for royal flushes, which reduce the house edge in the long term. However, the success of the game depends on so much more: cards combination, type of machine and of course luck.

  • Myth Nr 3 – Video Poker game has hot and cold hands deems this allegation is totally false. Based on the absolute randomness of draws, there can be no hot or cold hands. Every hand offers the same odds of winning and losing as well as the same degree of probability. The illusion of cold/hot hands appeared as a result of observation, which can never be turned into a pattern.

  • Myth Nr 4 – Video Poker games are designed for near hits

Another common belief is that Video Poker games are especially programmed to get very close to big payouts in order to entice players. Such programming is technically impossible since the software has been designed to select completely random hands.

  • Myth Nr 5 – New players can steal royal flushes

Very often Video Poker players accuse new comers to have stolen their potential royal flushes. They usually play for a long while without hitting and when someone new enters the game, he/she immediately wins big. Or else they leave the game and find out that another player hit the royal flush just a few seconds after. This myth has been obviously created out of disappointment but has no logical justification, again, due to the impartiality of the random number generator.

  • Myth Nr 6 – Payback percentage above 100% guarantees a win

Playing on machines offering expected returns higher than 100% is indeed very convenient but it does not guarantee constant winning. Besides, a favorable payback percentage can be reached after many very good hands.

  • Myth Nr 7 – Higher denomination machines pay out more

There is a tendency in considering machines that pay $1 and $5 more worthy than those paying $0.25 and $0.05. This impression can be explained by bigger jackpots in the first case, which are not hit very often instead. Assuming that higher denomination machines pay bigger payouts is obviously wrong.