Video Poker benefits from a great popularity especially among ambitious and skilled players who are not afraid to target a higher level of success, when it comes to online gambling.  In fact, this game actually offers quite increased chances of winning and obviously frequent winnings are an extra motivation to players. has compiled the most succinct account of the Video Poker rules to make you understand how the game works. Once you learn the basic rules it is easy to approach the game and turn it into an entertaining and profitable adventure.
Online Video Poker relates a card game, namely a combination of 5 card draw and slots. The machine requires a new bet at each hand and respectively, payout value depends on the size of the bet. The game starts with a hand of 5 cards. The player must decide which cards to keep and which to give away and take others trying to finish the round with the best possible hand. There is no limit for the cards you can give up during the game. After the first 5 draw you can get new cards to create a convenient hand for the payout table. Also, Video Poker does not oblige players to bet on hands with several players, as in the case of simple draw poker. presents the four most popular variations of Video Poker. Their rules differ a bit.
Jacks or Better Video Poker is the most commonly played version of Video Poker. The main principle of Jacks or Better relies on winning money based on hands containing pairs of Jacks or Better. The rules are extremely simple; all you need is a single draw. Beginners really enjoy this version due to its simplicity and good odds. It’s the first step towards becoming a strategist in Video Poker. Once you get bored of Jacks it’s time to move on to the next option, which can be Jokers Wild Video Poker. This variation involves a 53-card deck with a wild joker. The joker can be any card. The version has some affinities with Pai Gow poker but doesn’t imply ace limitations. The odds are generally enhanced because of the joker that makes its appearance approximatively once at every ten hands. Particularly high payouts are granted in case of hands of kings.
Another version is Deuces Video Poker, which supposes a standard 52-card deck, including only wild 2s in the deck. Two great advantages offered by this version are – much improved odds and removal of the lowest ranked card. Players get paid when they display three cards of a kind and it’s really easy to hit convenient hands in Deuces Video Poker.
The last option of Video Poker is Multi-Handed Play, which supposes a single video poker hand to select or replace cards from. The Multi-Handed Play machines deal multiple results for your single hand. There are several multi-handed Video Poker games where you can lay up to 52-handed video poker. This version applies all the rules and strategies for online Video Poker. It offers a perfect chance to prove your skills and evolve.
Of course, the odds are not always in your favor, but as long as you follow the rules presented by and respect the best strategies that we are yet to develop in our next articles, your chances will be much increased.  Once you understand the elaborateness of the game, Video Poker might become your favorite.