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Video Poker essentially joins five-card draw poker and a slot machine. It is one of the first casino games to be ever brought into the online environment, due to being originally computerized.
The game in its initial version was invented in the 1970s, so it is quite young as compared to other traditional casino games like the Roulette, Craps, Baccarat or Blackjack. In fact, it is due to computers that Video Poker became so popular worldwide and nowadays available in nearly all the casinos, including those listed by
Video Poker is not quite as easy as it seems; it combines skills, attention, strategies and patience to win. The game offers many advantages, among which a low house edge and the opportunity to win large amounts of money.
Although it requires much skill, the rules of Video Poker are nothing but simple. As in the case of many other casino games, the players are supposed to place bets before the cards are dealt. The player is allowed to place between 1 to 5 coins and after making the order, he gets five cards from the machine. Then he must select some cards to play with and some to give away. He can replace the rejected cards with some others from the virtual card deck. This is the hand that actually decides the payoff.
Payouts reflect the frequency of combinations, thus, rare combinations are very well paid. They also determine the house edge, namely the profit of the online casino.
In order to be able to play progressive Video Poker games suggests you should get acquainted with some essential terms, like “Hand” -refers to holding five cards at the same time in between deals; “Complete Hand” – means holding a very good combination of cards, or a full house; “Deuces” – refers to the two denomination cards in the Video Poker game deck; “Draw” is the substitution of cards from the first hand; “Double Up” is the possibility to double up the bet when a winning hand occurs; “Full Pay” video poker with the best payout schedule; and “Multi Play” refers to video poker games where playing up to ten hands simultaneously is allowed.
The cards are dealt from a virtual deck and the randomness of the process is periodically verified, tested and audited to guarantee users the reliability of the system. All the online casinos recommended by and featuring Video Poker ensure a fair gaming environment and equal chances to players.
Here’s our advice, don’t throw yourself into a complicated Video Poker adventure unless you know all the rules and necessary strategies to master the game. There is in fact no formula to guarantee a successful game, but it is clearly a game of common sense and concentration. The fun comes along, as well as profitability.
Playing online Video Poker is much more comfortable and advantageous than real Video Poker. Being alone in front of the computer determines more courage and better capacity to take wise decisions whereas the joy is delightful!
Ranging among the most enthusiastic virtual casino games Video Poker acts like an emotional arousal to the brain. Don’t hesitate to try it!

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