Mainly and most often regarded as a very good method to withdraw money from online casinos, wire transfer can definitely still be used for making deposits. Many gamblers who use this option for a long time seem to be very pleased with it and stick to their old ways, for matters of simplicity, convenience and of course, security. For the reasons, stated below, recommends wire transfer to all its users.
The wire transfer enables money transfers directly from the bank account into the online casino account, without the intervention of a third party. It takes just a few clicks to complete the operation due to modern and fast online banking processing. The only condition for using wire transfer is having a valid and active bank account. When opening an account with an online casino you will be asked to specify the details of your banking information to allow transfers. In order to confirm the wire transfer you may be required to send an email or a fax, depending on the bank policy. With Internet banking, the operation has become even easier. Users are just one click away from getting access to their gambling budget to start playing. has identified several advantages offered by wire transfer: apart from the fact that it is fast and secure, it is entirely adapted to gambling needs in terms of speed and availability. The wire transfer is also considered by many as the best alternative thanks to a high level of security. Users are dealing directly with the bank so the financial data is double protected by the best encryption technology.
Choose an operator from our list of approved online casinos and wire money from your bank account to the online casino account with minimal time delay. As soon as you get the funds, start playing!

Alternative money transfer options:

Visa and Mastercard
Moneybookers (Skrill)
American Express