It’s almost useless to advertise Craps; people already love it very much! Not only because it has the lowest house edge of all the existing online casino games but also because it is fun and captivating. To improve your online Craps skills and create your own long-term strategy compiled a list of the most useful tips.
Since all the successful players seem to have an excellent understanding of betting options, online Craps strategy relies on very good knowledge bets.

  • 1. A deep understanding of bets is essential in creating a logic Craps strategy. For instance the pass line bet has the lowest house edge of all, only 1.41 percent. Betting on the don’t pass can be risky but very challenging because the player wins when everyone else loses. The odds bet allows doubling your winnings. The majority of Craps bets can be removed, added to, or deducted from, except the pass and come bets.
  • 2. It is a mistake to consider that higher payouts reflect better bets. In fact, high payouts are characteristic for bets that are very hard to win. You better place bets that will win gradually but consistently. However, before you start placing any bets at the online Craps table you have to know all the betting options and the rules of the game.
  • 3. Speaking of the number of come bets to place, we advise you a maximum of two Come bets, which altogether with the first Pass Line bets will increase your chances of winning by relying on a total of three numbers. When one of the bets is paid off you are allowed to place another Come bet to keep the three numbers in the game.
  • 4. It is very important to decide upon your bankroll, the number of rounds you want to bet and when to get out of the game. For example, your bankroll amount is 100 dollars and you are eager to play ten rounds, then you have to educate yourself in order to wager no more than 10 dollars per round. Establishing a limit of gains to mark your getting away can be very useful. For example, considering 60 or 100% more than your initial deposit can be wise enough to stop playing in order to avoid losing everything. The approach differs from one player to another but cautious measures must be always taken to prevent unpleasant experiences.
  • 5. Base your strategy on common sense by understanding that online Craps is mostly a game of hazard and it’s very hard to make predictions on the result of the dice. If you happen to lose, don’t panic. As long as you have strong knowledge of the rules and possible bets, you have nothing to worry about. The luck is likely to be on your side more than you expect.
  • 6. There’s no particular advantage in being the shooter (the player who is rolling the dice). The way you throw the dice does not guarantee your winning. You can either accept or refuse to play the role of the shooter during the game. Sometimes it’s enough to bet on someone else for certain outcomes and expect to gain even greater winnings.
  • 7. Craps has its own language and the knowledge of the most important terms may help you come up with better ideas for your strategy. Words such as Back-line, Bones, Cold Table, Crap-less Craps, Lay Bet or Sleeper Bet are often used by Craps players in the game. Some of the online casinos listed by make reference to these specific terms allowing you to get acquainted with them.

Besides, if you select a reliable casino to play online Craps at, use a system progression with Free Odds, never make Place Bets on outside numbers you manage wisely your session, the success is almost guaranteed!