Online Keno’s popularity easily exceeds that of other online casino games and this can be explained by the game simplicity, high payouts at low investments.
Invented many centuries ago Keno is still enjoyed by millions of gamblers nowadays in its online version. Some people prefer Keno, some Bingo, others Lottery. But all three have common features. Instead, the online Keno is by far the most convenient of all, because unlike the traditional lottery game, you don’t have to wait for the results, they are given immediately. Playing in real time offers Keno a great advantage over other games; it is in fact one of the reasons why it is so much appreciated by players.
When it comes to Keno, the two keywords are: Luck and Profitable. There are practically no strategies to apply when playing Keno, because the choices made entirely rely on inspiration. You should know that many of the casinos listed by include several versions of Keno.
Let’s quickly review the basic rules of the game. The first thing to do is to buy a Keno ticket usually containing 80 numbers. Then you have to select up to 15 or 20 numbers on your ticket. The next step would be registering the selected numbers at the website you are playing and waiting a few seconds to find out which numbers are extracted on the board. As you may have guessed, the winnings entirely depend on the number of matches you have. There are several types of tickets according to the complexity of the bets you make: the straight ticket, or the simplest one, with numbers marked as a single wager; the King ticket, which includes a circled number to be used in all the future wagered combinations; and the combination ticket, which allows the player to bet on multiple number groupings or combinations. 
It would be wrong to assume that the amount of winnings is the same at all the casinos; it actually depends on the amount of the bet and the online casino particular policy. The number quantity selected is of utmost importance and determines the prizes granted to the lucky players.
At you can find one of the best online casinos offering exciting Keno games in various versions. No matter how many they are, we advise you to try the real Keno game, mainly because the numbers will be immediately displayed on a screen (as on television) for you to check off. You will never regret choosing the real Keno game thanks to another major advantage – it lasts longer than the quicker video versions.
But regardless of the version, Keno will always remain fun and entertaining. It presents many similarities with bingo and lottery games; the whole concept is based on the same principle. There’s gambling software designed to ensure the randomness of the numbers selection process. That’s why the results of Keno, as well as of lottery are entirely based on chance rather than effort or mathematical calculations. Subsequently, the lottery system is very much enjoyed by people for centuries.
In national or state lottery games the draws usually take place at weekly intervals, while online Keno games happen every few minutes. Besides, in Keno, the choice of numbers belongs to the player and is not provided by a pre-printed card. Actually, the Keno card contains more numbers than the lottery or bingo tickets. For this reason a great number of gamblers prefer to play online Keno; it is definitely more exciting. Also, while playing Keno the numbers are drawn very frequently, so more winning opportunities are offered. recommends playing web casino versions of Keno for all the reasons mentioned above but also for the fast-paced speed of the game, which makes it much more dynamic than traditional lottery. Let’s not forget the fact that the odds of online Keno are much better than any other game based on the lottery concept.
Online Keno is one of the most popular online lotto games that you can explore at most online casinos whenever you want. Easy to learn and featuring grand jackpots, the online Keno is favored by gamblers worldwide especially because they are able to find out just a few seconds after the competition whether they have won or not and how many matches they have got on the ticket. There’s an amazing feeling out there, just make it happen!