Let’s say you are a very good online casino player and fan of most games. However, in order to reach a higher level of professionalism, the hunger for additional information and recommendations should never fade away.
As a truthful and reliable guide into the online casino gambling phenomenon, it is Onlinecasinoportal.net’s duty to get you acquainted with the best and the worst bets, taking into account several criteria, among which – the house edge. But for the sake of enjoyment and pleasure, stick to the games that you like the most although their house edge might not be perfect. When playing at online casinos consider entertainment as a major factor. Here are the Best Bets:
Card Counting in Blackjack – can bring you a real advantage over the house. This is possible only for skilled and attentive players who not only count cards but also exploit this knowledge in their benefit.
Pass and Don’t Pass in Craps – offers the best house edge of all the possible bets – it never exceeds 1.41 %. Craps is generally a player friendly game.
Good Video Poker Machines – unlike slots, in video poker the chance depends on your decisions, not only the randomness of the machine. Choose a high-payout machine that features bonuses, apply the best strategy you know and good results are guaranteed!
Baccarat Banker Bet – the best option amongst all Baccarat bets is undoubtedly the banker, for which the house edge is 1.06 %. You can also bet on the player (1.24 %) but avoid betting on a tie, which is most disadvantageous.
Basic Blackjack Strategy – following the Blackjack basic strategy maintains a house edge of only 1%, which is almost unbelievable, but true!
Three Card Poker – has one of the best house edges at the online casinos listed by Onlinecasinoportal.net, between 2 and 2.3%.
Caribbean Stud and Pai Gow Poker – two convenient and quite slow card games created to entice your imagination and zest for winning. Their house edge is about 2.5 %.
Here are the Worst Bets:
Online Keno – resembling the lottery, Keno’s disastrous house edge is 25% or even higher. If you do not particularly enjoy this game, stay away from it.
Blackjack Insurance Bet – making mistakes at Blackjack sometimes leads to losing all the money. Ignoring the basic strategy and not being able to count the cards can easily get you out of the game. The insurance bet should be especially avoided since its house edge is nearly 8%!
American Roulette – is not very profitable in terms of odds (5.26 % house edge) due to the extra slot – double zero that decreases your chances of hitting. Choose the European wheel (2.7 %), and you will not regret it!
One Roll Craps Bets – is the worst option at Craps, though other bets seem to be vividly worthwhile. Just compare: the standard pass-line bet’s house edge is 1.41% while the one-roll bet’s is almost 17%. Quite terrible!
Caribbean Stud Side Bets – should also be avoided. The edge for such a bet can vary and is very risky. It depends on the accumulated jackpot value and the pay-table.
Now that you know all about the best and the worst bets, Onlinecasinoportal.net does not allow you to make any mistakes and wishes you to play smart!