Baccarat has evolved into an extremely popular and productive online casino game, especially since it split into several variations, namely, American Baccarat, European Baccarat, Chemin de fer or Baccarat en banque, but also the most recent – mini-baccarat. is very excited to bring its visitors useful information about the Baccarat online Casino game.
The great success and the good reputation of the game are partly due to its fascinating history, mingling an ancient Roman legend about some virgins playing a nine-sided dice game to foretell their fate and a truthful invention made during the middle ages by a creative Italian gambler who set up the rules of baccarat, initially played on a deck of Tarot cards.
The term “baccarat” is borrowed from Italian, meaning “zero”, making reference to the value attributed to tens and face cards. The purpose of the game is to get as close to nine as possible without overpassing this value.
Here is a short version of the Baccarat game rules presented by
The rules are much simplified as compared to the offline casino game. 2 cards each are dealt to the house and the players. Once you get a two-card total of both nine and eight points, it means you acquired a “natural”. Players who have only five points or below, are invited to draw a third card. Bets are made during the next move. The player has to bet on either of the two hands dealt: the player or the banker, trying to guess who owns better cards and whose hand comes closer to 9 wins. In fact, the act of betting is one of the most thrilling moments of the game, as well as the prior dealing of the cards.
One big advantage of the online baccarat game is the low house edge, usually between 1.26% and 1.41%. Some websites offer the possibility to play for free, which is very reassuring, especially to beginners, who can practice their skills before they play for money. Due to the evolution of the Flash technology players are no longer required to download the game software. will help you find the best online baccarat games and improve your strategies.
Unlike some others games like Poker or Blackjack, Baccarat is quite simple to play. It is generally alleged that Baccarat strategies are just fiction. However, some experienced players do believe in the existence of certain strategies that can turn the game in your favor, but they mostly rely on wagering and betting decisions. No one can really anticipate the cards arrangement as well as the results of the game.
Speaking of the odds, it seems very important to pay attention to the number of decks in use. This tip can provide you with valuable information on the evolution of the game and can decide who wins the baccarat hands. There is no point in memorizing the outcome of every game to be able to predict future hands. Also, try to avoid betting only on the banker all the time. The dynamics of the Baccarat game contributes to its never-ending surprise effect.
Online Baccarat brings excitement to gamblers and challenges them to solve the mystery of number nine, the luckiest of all. is your guide to discovering the pleasure of playing Baccarat.