Beginners are sometimes confronted with new online casino gambling terminology that may confuse them. Don’t be puzzled, it’s impossible to know all the terms from the first day of your adventure. is a complete casino guide offering access to all the necessary information your knowledge increase and skills upgrade.
One major term you will certainly have to deal with sooner or later is “fixed odds games”. Although having different connotation is various contexts, it clearly refers to games that always display equal chances of winning. Getting familiar with the meaning of this term will help you understand the difference between some games and others.
First of all, let us explain the term “odds”. According to the definition, “odds” imply the ratio of the probability of winning at online casinos. Consequently, “fixed odds games” must be those gambling activities where the probability of winning never changes.
In a broad meaning, it seems like all the online casino games have fixed odds, for example, the payout offered by the single bet in roulette is always 35:1, and common blackjack wins always pay even money. However, when it comes to blackjack the probability is also influenced by the cards dealt: a higher hand value ensures better chances of winning. So, the odds might vary depending on the cards dealt, the game situation, the player’ skills, the casino policy.
It’s good to remember that games which involve a spinning wheel are not likely to change their odds; they usually remain the same. On the contrary, the games in which the participants share the pot pool collected from all of them, have alternating odds. In the latter case, the payout depends on the amount of bets collected from each player. found another category of online casino games that can not be systematized into normal groupings, which commonly include slot games, video poker, table games and card games. Their odds vary greatly because of the fact that they can hardly fit into any groupings, such as for example instant play games.
Though called by a generic name and falling into one main big category, fixed odds games are tremendously different one from another. It would be perhaps more useful for casinos to display separate lists of fixed odds games and varying odds games. Some online operators actually do that.
What most players do not understand is the categorization of games according to their odds when in fact, generally speaking, it seems like all the games have fixed odds, until they discover it is not quite so. This paradox can be fairly puzzling.
All you need to know is that traditional games have fixed odds, unless otherwise specified. You better request the payout information from the selected online casino prior to any gambling activity. must warn you that fixed odds games favor the house rather than the player. Some casinos even charge a commission for taking the players’ bets. This is a comforting measure for the house that you just have to accept.
As a new comer, be really careful about the games you choose to play and their odds. There is a lot to learn on this topic but everything you need to know is already right here, on our portal. Do read and study our articles to get a full understanding of the basic concepts of online casino gambling for a pleasing start-up experience!