By popular demand, continues to discuss about Live Dealer Casinos, one of the newest inventions in the online casino industry. For those who have so far mistrusted the fairness of RNGs, this is the ideal opportunity to replace a trip to Las Vegas by one night of playing live in a famous land-based casino. Live Dealer Casinos successfully combine the traditional gambling concept with the new Internet technology, creating features that have never been possible before. It is an excellent choice for players who have already explored all the online gambling options and are now looking for a fresh experience.
Not all the casino games are yet available in live dealer format but the video streaming technology continues to evolve every day and new features are added to the mechanism as well as new games to the list of Live Dealer Casino Games. For now, table games remain on top of all preferences, including Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat, Live Roulette, Live Sic Bo and certain variations of these.
Now, back to the Live Dealer Casino features. recommends live casino games to players who enjoy 3D technology and conventional gambling. For instance, playing live Roulette can be much more fun than playing online Roulette, thanks to several advanced features, such as the life-like interface. It really makes you feel like facing a dealer in a land-based casino. Moreover, the interface is customizable in terms of vision quality and viewing angle to ensure the best platform of live broadcast. Users are also offered the possibility to view the game as full screen instead of a small window in the corner of the screen. They are allowed to choose the camera orientation according to their own better perspective.
Most of the casino websites featuring live dealer games include two different views: the 3D view and the Classic View. The 3D view is very challenging as they players do get the feeling of being in a casino room playing games for real. So far, it is the most advanced live feature to simulate a real playing environment. In Classic View you have access to regular live dealer casino games, meaning a bet interface with complete options and instructions including a video webcast. The video feed is based on amazing graphics and other elements to ensure a complete gaming experience. experts have also identified a series of other innovative live dealer casino features. No download is required; most games can be played via a regular browser. Users have access to the complete history of their bets and outcomes and are free to consult it anytime they want. A reasonable time is set between rounds and spins to make home players comfortable. Perhaps we should also mention the possibility to adjust video quality according to your speed connection. Video quality options are provided altogether, which is very convenient. The customizable interface is endowed with several help features to offer explanations even during the game. At some live dealer casinos users are allowed to access their neighbor’s bets via pop-up racetrack, which is very cool!
Let’s not forget about the option to play in multiple windows simultaneously. You can participate in a Live Blackjack game and a Live Roulette game at the same time! This is a very advanced feature appreciated by many gamblers who take pleasure in diversifying their activities.
Other interesting features worth mentioning include multilingual chat options with live dealers, complete statistics and bets behind. The last one has been recently introduced by Microgaming, providing the opportunity to watch and place bets on other live dealer games.
Live Dealer Casinos are by all means exciting, interactive and filled with action. wishes you happy gambling!